Clearview AI promises to cancel accounts that aren't law enforcement or government entities

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… and hopefully they will be sued into oblivion by the company’s who have invested a bunch of money in systems using their software who’s accounts have been canceled. Win all around! :slight_smile:


Hopefully this will be followed shortly by a story about clearview also
cancelling the accounts of every customer who is associated with law enforcement or some other federal, state, or local government department, office, or agency


Too little, too late.

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It’s a first step, I guess. Now, I feel like the only reasonable path for the company is to wipe all its hard drives, erase all its cloud data and burn down its offices.


Sort of misses the point though. The data about Illinois citizens is all still there.

Will they do this by redefining private customers as “law-enforcement” ?

Limiting this to law enforcement and government only is not the same as excluding white supremacists and right-wing whackjobs, who have done a great job of infiltrating law enforcement, the military, etc. There needs to be real-time moderation of requests, with legal documentation of who’s asking, what their stated reasons are, what the subpeona actually said, etc. Otherwise, it’s no different than a cop on duty calling in the license plate of the car he sees outside his ex-girlfriend’s house, so he can locate and harass her new boyfriend, i.e. something that happens all the time, with no accountability at all and no insurance of legitimate purpose.


When everyone is empowered to perform a citizen’s arrest, every citizen becomes a member of law enforcement.

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