Clearview client list "stolen"

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Hacker swipes customer list from controversial face-recog-for-Feds Clearview. Its reaction? ‘A part of life’

In a statement, Clearview’s attorney Tor Ekeland told The Register : “Security is Clearview’s top priority. Unfortunately, data breaches are part of life in the 21st century. Our servers were never accessed. We patched the flaw, and continue to work to strengthen our security.”

Er, OK, so, someone “gained unauthorized access” to internal records, but “servers were never accessed,” although a “flaw” was “patched.” Right. This could mean a third-party system, or cloud service, or a personal computer, storing the purloined data was accessed by the thief, via a security hole for which a fix was available and only now applied.


It’s that age old story made new again and again.

Grifters believe themselves to be so savvy that they’re above being grifted themselves - a state of self-unawareness that makes them the easiest marks.

To them I say, good riddance!


At least he seems to know what he is talking about instead of some pure denialism or complete ignorance of how security works.
But, there is still some embarrassing failure being covered.

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I don’t see the big deal. Only the list of their customers was compromised. If, in hiring this company, they weren’t doing anything wrong, they have nothing to fear, right?


So are class action lawsuits :poop: :high_heel:


Well, where’s the list? Is there a pastebin?


Hopefully, soon…

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I think we’re all interested in whether this will be a fatal embarrassment, or whether Clearview will somehow shamble on.

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Not a good look for any security company

Are they a security company or a surveillance company? :thinking:

…I think that question answers itself, doesn’t it…


Good. Maybe we’ll finally find out who’s actually using their shady as service and who’s been lying about not using their shady service.

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This gives the term, “Losing Face” an entirely new meaning.


This is one of the worries I have about capturing and storing information about human physical traits, as in biometric authentication. Once data is lost, you can’t simply change your face, finger print, voice etc. Actually, I just read this on the topic of biometrics. There’s another article on that site about facial recognition too.

haha :joy:

If you live in California, you can request your Clearview file.

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