Clever workaround for Instagram’s anti-female nipple policies

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having difficulty visualizing - got any examples?

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My brain still staggers at people inability/unwillingness to understand that double standards for men versus women are literally sexist. It’s what the very term means! If something is allowed - except if you happen to be a woman - then it is sexist and needs to go. Yet, companies such as these seem horrified at the thought of being identified with deliberately sexist policies…


Someone needs to turn these images into pasties.


Heh! Nice.

I am a time-traveler from the future. I was told to visit this year because it was (sorry, “is”) apparently a landmark year for equality. Did I miss the mark, and this isn’t mid-2015, or was I trolled? Damnit Harkness!


Are we actually discussing nipples, or nipples embedded within whole aureolae?

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Nipples! Many sizes, many shapes. Some on my back…

Apparently it originated with the artist Micol Hebron.

I’ve been told by my daughter’s neonatalologist that she has a third nipple. It’s really hard to see right now because she’s only 3 months (5 months actual, but 3 months development wise). So when she’s older and if she wants to wear a bikini, is anyone going to have an issue with her third nipple showing?

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There are always some people who decide to have an issue with anything. I’d say it would be their problem, not hers.

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I agree. But it’s fun trying to work out where the line of acceptability is. Is it just the nipple, nipple and areola, the whole thing with the breast tissue? What is that makes female nipples and their counterparts problematic to some people while men’s are fine?

Sexism. It’s that simple.

Definitely sexism. But seeing as very few sexist people believe themselves to be sexist I’d love to hear their flimsy justification.


Two questions, which you may be in a position to answer:

Do extra nipples come with areolas? If not, I would think they’d be simply mistaken for moles.

And, when will you start training her to battle James Bond? It’s best to start young.

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In the cast of my cute little mutant, no, there is no third areola.

As soon as she can properly grasp her weapon of choice. Though I’d rather train her to be an agent, like the early years of the Dame Judi Dench M. That would be cool.


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