Don't Look at My Nipples


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Not sure I get the point of all this.


I don’t wear shirts that you can see my nipples. I only have a couple that might be offenders, and if so, I wear an undershirt too. Yeah, its kinda tacky if you have a dress shirt that fails at looking dressing.

Some clubby thing like that see through number in the article is a different matter. If I wore something like that (lol, no), it would be fine.


Nipple pheromone?


The point has been discreetly covered.


Think we can milk this for a bit?


That shouldn’t be too hard.


I suspect it’ll soon get udderly ridiculous.


Nipples. Many sizes, many shapes. Some on my back!


Do they come in packs of three? Asking for a friend.


What’s not to understand? It’s a pheromone produced by the nipple. Or a maybe a pheromone sensed by the nipple. Or I guess it could be a pheromone made from ground nipples.


I wonder if nipple viewing is the worst of it, compared to unsolicited dick pics in one’s DMs/emails?




I thought Nippleus Erectus was dead.


Some have even more complicated problems to solve:

So have a Baal, making those puns, o Moderns, but for the ancients, this issue was Not a Problem.


I see potential for getting some revenge here. Perhaps fashion will eventually require all men to wear a #$%ing bra in public.


I believe the proper term is “bro.”




Anybody else notice that the manssiere in the advertisement not only covered up the protuberances the young woman found so distracting, it also made our hero taller and younger?