Clickhole made an adventure game and it's actually pretty good


I haven’t seen the Venture Brothers, were there any references in there? I had figured it was a Hardy Boys parody.

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Still getting these errors shen I click the Show whole post button.

Venture Brothers is a Jonny Quest parody primarily but all kinds of other stuff thrown into the soup.

Hey. I won! Simulation Complete.

cold-hearted ability to not let familial ties cloud your mission objective!

That’s quite a complement, Miss Stock photo of a women in labcoat with a clipboard!

Yes, I knew about Venture Bros. being sort of a Johnny Quest takeoff, but when I said “I had figured it was a Hardy Boys parody” I was saying I thought the teen brother investigators in the clickhole adventure were inspired by the Hardy Boys.

Yeah I see where I totally missed that now. In the words of Emily Litella, ‘Nevermind’

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