Cliff collapse caught on camera

Before they get away?


From that linked article, “… Those are some of the skeptical assertions echoed by Republicans on the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee yesterday.”

America, please just fuck off voting for yahoos.

@writebastard From what I understand, Fossils can’t abide direct strong light, and that is why you always find them hiding under rocks.


Yeah, it could have used a big explosion at the end…


So counterintuitive. One would think it was the exact opposite of this. Good thing for the class.

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When Lex Luthor buys a bit of worthless inland Cornwall real estate, in order to later turn it into a series of quaint little seaside pubs that might be worth something, the only way to stop him from becoming moderately well-off is for Captain Britain to trigger article 50 and start Brexit, rendering all British real estate worthless in the bargain.

Good comment. But (sorry about this) yes. They are in the pile of stuff that fell down (if they are there at all) and will soon be swept away by the sea below, depending on the width of the beach beneath (if any). Any that are now exposed in the new cliff face will probably only be accessible by climbing (likely to be very dangerous) or abseiling from the top (slightly less so?)

Cornwall is not an area of the UK that is particularly good for fossils, despite it justifiably being one of the top tourist sites in the UK. The rocks are extremely old and are mostly unfossiliferous. Some offer poorly preserved fossils, but the coastline from Bude to Boscastle is an exception. It is well known for yielding fish, plant remains and goniatites.

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You can tell it’s real since the English woman just lets out a mild tut


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