Cliff Roth's OG viral video: The Reagans Speak Out on Drugs


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The joke is that these same techniques were used in most/all TV interviews, ostensibly to save time. It’s trivially easy to twist the message that way, though.

Of course now with Fox News / Breitbart it doesn’t even matter what people say.



Or - if that’s their deeper message - should I believe it uncritically?


Editing aside, I’ve always sided with Lee Marvin. Reagan always was kind of a tool.


You don’t have to tell me twice…YES!



His concern-troll face was sometimes at nearly Ted Cruz levels of smarmy git-itude.


Heard this sampled on Black Grape’s 1997 single “Get Higher”, never knew where it came from until now.


I wonder what it feels like to have self-righteously endorsed policy that is responsible for killing millions of people, sometimes in the most bestial ways imaginable. I would guess you probably don’t think about it too much.


Is this the trailer for season two of Man in the high castle?


Reagan Speaks for Himself


Damnit, beat me to it! I had this recorded off the radio back in high school and could never find out who/what it was until doing some new digging a few minutes ago, only to find out you did the work for me… :wink:


It originally appeared as a flexidisc in RAW Magazine. RAW Magazine being one of the few things that made the 1980s tolerable.

Just clamp the stamp!


I’ll get to that right after I finish drinking this can of poison meat.


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