Climate change creating "heat islands" for blacks, Asians, Latinos in US

Writing at GRIST, Susie Cagle points to a new study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, which finds that “not all neighborhoods and racial groups are faring equally” as climate change raises temps in urban areas: "According to the research, blacks, Asians, and Latinos are all significantly more likely to live in high-risk heat-island conditions… READ THE REST

They’re pointing out that blacks, asians, and latinos are more likely to live in heat island type areas (as of 2001). Your summary implies that some kind of changes were observed or measured, which isn’t what they did. Nothing is ‘creating’ heat islands in this study, no one is ‘faring’, and if climate change ‘raises temps in urban areas’ it is not an effect visible in their data, which after all is from a single point in time.

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