Climate change has created massive blooms of ecologically disruptive jellyfish, but luckily they're delicious

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Sounds like they might be tasty snacks before the alcohol completely evaporates…


I wouldn’t blame the shift to jellyfish entirely on climate change. Overfishing (predators, filling in a niche) and nutrient pollution are major factors.


If they catch them in the gyer they already come in their own plastic bags.


Okay, hailing from (well, at least ethnically 1/2 way…) a culture that eats jellyfish on the regular, I can say one thing about jellyfish…

If you like absolutely bland and chewy, it’s the food for you. Really, it just soaks up the flavor of whatever you add to it. Not even really fishy. (maybe the alcohol dried ones are, being only concentrated jellyfish tissue).

I’d bet that you could ball them up, soak them in syrup, and you’d think they were chewier boba.

Not bad, but I couldn’t really say they were good either, as they’re mostly just texture. The flavor really depends on other ingredients.


Shredded pickled jellyfish - served cold as a kind of salad, was probably the chewiest food I’ve ever eaten.

-10 out of 10, would chew again.


Try muktuk.

Sesame Jellyfish Salad

I had something like this at a sushi bar in Japantown in San Francisco about 20 years ago. It was chewy, but delicious.

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I’ve suggested something similar for dealing with sea lampreys in the Great Lakes, but how effective is consumption as a means of pest control?

If we eat the food that is abundant, we are in harmony with nature.


How are they with peanut butter?
Perhaps with the Thai style spicy peanut sauce?

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If we’re all going to be stuck eating the same bland chips from the sea, I suppore jellyfish beats this:


I read that as “I wouldn’t shift the blame…” and was baffled why anyone would blame the alien water blobs for the world’s beshitted climate.

Cetaceous sushi. Pass. :grimacing:


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Hmm. Jellyfish scapegoat…

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