Clinton apologizes after calling Trump's bigoted supporters "deplorable"


“of course there is no us and them, but them that do not think the same.”

  • Eugene Hutz

David Duke supports trump. David fucking Duke.


I’m thinking …run and hide!


She voted for the war.

She had the responsibility to investigate the administration’s claims before voting for the war. I had no such responsibility, but I read the Powell presentation in detail, and recognized that the photos included didn’t show the new construction they were supposed to show, so I could figure out that the administration’s claims weren’t entirely honest.

An engineer shouldn’t sign off on a new dam without checking out the plans. It doesn’t matter if the politicians say its good. It doesn’t matter if the public says its good. It’s the responsibility of that engineer to check out the plans.

A politician shouldn’t vote for a new war without checking out the casus belli.

If that’s a purity standard, well, maximum lead levels in municipal water supplies, and minimum ph levels, are also purity standards.


i quote myself from earlier in this thread[quote=“navarro, post:24, topic:85071”]
there is no way of truly comparing trump and clinton as candidates or as politicians. it’s not even so much an apples to oranges comparison as much as it is an apples to burning deep sea oil rigs comparison. this election is a choice between a very cautious, utterly conventional democratic candidate and a demagogic, careless, completely abnormal candidate who, while he might represent the most ugly racist streak inherent in the party of cruelty the present day republican party has become, goes so far beyond the norms they have left standing that it is truly breathtaking.

i realize you and i are going to disagree on certain fundamentals, the second amendment for one, and you can provide whatever texture you want to your reality, i put up with the same kind of thing from popobawa4u in 4 out of 5 threads they post in, but your casual dismissal of clinton as corrupt without reckoning with the context of 30 years of unverified or disproven sleaze that has been dumped on her and her husband by a calculating yet reckless group of rightwing billionaires is remiss and you should seriously check your premises before you make your conclusions out loud.


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Forget it, Jake. It’s Boingertown.


The Clintons have become to the national Democratic party as a parasitic wasp is to a caterpillar. Is it the caterpillar who is at fault, or the wasp??


Not blaming either - just saying I told you so.


Of course he has some crazy racist supporters. I would be willing to bet that all of the members of the KKK support him. But we are only talking about a few thousand people. I am sure that there are some groups of terrible people who support Hillary as well. But they are not the base, and they do not direct policy. If Trump actually came out with White supremacist platform policies, he would lose the support of millions. Probably the whole party.

Making the other side out to be a bunch of stereotyped monsters is a well used political tactic. Don’t fall for it. The vast majority of people are decent, charitable and empathetic.


ordinarily it irritates me when someone dismisses a statement by saying you just can’t understand because you aren’t _____________ where _____________ represents whatever combination of race/ethnicity/gender/religion/educational level/job you might want to mention so as to obviate the need to communicate or even the possibility of communication across the obvious divide because it does deny the power of communication. i have to say though, for you and @lava to dismiss one of the most qualified candidates for the presidency who is eligible for the job as “poor choice” or as being a “parasitic wasp” is to ignore the objective reality of the past 25-30 years. if that’s really the best you can do with the reality of what has been inflicted on the clintons since bill was first elected governor and continues today and use the history of unverified and debunked claims against them as a sign that they are and were inferior, or perhaps you would prefer parasitic, candidates is as singular a denial of reality as i’ve seen in a long time. keep denying it if you like but we will be a hell of a lot better off 8 years from now if clinton is elected than we will 4 years from now if we elect trump.


I’m related to a number of enthusiastic Trump supporters, and work with many more. I could have told you which ones were likely to vote for him before he even ran, based on years of experiencing how well they managed socially to appear decent and charitable, but in reality they’re bigoted and hate-filled.

Don’t fall for their outward appearance. Pay attention to what they say after the black Muslim woman leaves the room.


Based upon what? The only way you could say this is if we hold the election today and the actual vote mirrors the polls.

Time Magazine: The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Polling Argument

General election polls taken months before voting day have a history of being wrong. According to data compiled by FiveThirtyEight, general election polls taken a year in advance have been inaccurate by more than 5 percentage points in the last 10 out of 14 elections for which there is data.

Even polls six months out are inaccurate, too. For example, at this point in the 2000 election, late April polls showed then-Gov. George W. Bush with a strong national lead of five points over then-Vice President Al Gore. Bush lost the popular vote to Gore by half a percentage point that November.

Part of the discrepancy has to do with the early unfamiliarity of the candidates. This year, despite months of frequent coverage on television, social media and the press, Sanders is not as well known as Clinton. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed that 56% of Americans say they know Clinton “a lot” while just 38% say the same as Sanders. And while Clinton’s negative ratings may be baked-in after decades in the public eye, Sanders has not received that kind of scrutiny.

But even many of Sanders’ most ardent supporters do not believe he’d be the best candidate to face Clinton in a general election. In Wisconsin, where Sanders trounced Clinton by a 14-point margin, a CNN exit poll showed that 54% of voters believed that it was Clinton who had a better chance of beating Donald Trump in November.

If history is a guide, early general election head-to-head polls can only say so much. “Pollster aren’t making predictions. They’re trying to determine the state of the race right now,” said Jennifer Necci Dineen, a pollster and faculty member at the University of Connecticut. “Six months from now is even still a little bit early.”


Perfect example - missing the point.

If the goal as you say is to not have Trump as president, then we’ve picked the wrong Democratic candidate to run against him.

I’m not saying that Clinton is not smart, or that we’ll be better off if she becomes president than Trump.

I’m saying its far too close, closer than it should be, closer than it would be with any decent candidate.

And I am saying were it not for the vanities in play in the Democratic party that we would have that better candidate now in Sanders and this contest would be all but over already.

This candidate is a poor candidate because she is struggling to win, and its not just because so many people are stupid enough to support trump, its because so many people are stupid enough to support Trump, and so many people are turned off enough by Clinton to not support her. And if you are not getting it yet I’ll spell it out for you - THAT IS WHY CLINTON IS A POOR CANDIDATE, AND THE WRONG CANDIDATE TO BE RUNNING.


The primary is over. I’d have preferred Sanders, but this is no longer an option. The reality is that there’s one, and only one option besides Trump. “I told you so” is the opposite of anything constructive.


The deplorable half is actually the better of the two halves.


Don’t you think there is a reason for that? And there are plenty of racists who aren’t card carrying members of the Klan or neo-nazis, and who don’t think they are racist, just “don’t want to mix with ‘those people’” nor do they want “those people” in their country.

Of course he’s not going to come out with a blatant white supremacist platform. And given that he’s made rather racist remarks and has GAINED SUPPORT and in fact much of his platform is based on actually racist policies, I happen to disagree with your assessment. No one ever said all of his supporters are racists, but that some are and the rest think it’s unimportant that he has so much openly white supremacist support. Honestly, if you (by you, I don’t mean YOU, but Trump and his supporters - I’m not saying you’re in league with their ilk) are on the same side as people like David Duke, then there is likely something wrong. If David Duke supports a candidate, I’m going to be pretty skeptical if not outright oppositional.



She may have been a bit fed up. I know I am. Though I think it’s important that people vote exactly as they wish… for whom they they think is the best. I do agree with the ‘sentiment’ of the comment. The media has actually normalized the commentary of white supremacy. IMO, just as a man, I would call him an old fashioned slur, he’s a pig. But I am not saying this in context to public speaking. And I certainly don’t hurl it at folks who disagree with me. Here in an opinion forum, I feel comfortable saying so. Trump is certainly unfit for the office. And he planned to use the Republican party to achieve this office. And the Republicans set it up to open the door to it all.


No. really, I told you so is the only constructive thing right now - a reminder so we don’t find ourselves in this shit position again. And so every dope who told me I had to support Clinton because Trump being proved wrong right now and being reminded of it is the only way we can be sure we are not so stupid again to kick the best candidate of my life time to the curb.

So yes, I god dam fucking told you so.