Sanders supporters are the least racist

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It’s still looks like a depressingly high percentage of his supporters have racist beliefs though :disappointed:


Some progress is better than no progress, but, yeah, this is still depressing.


weird. if you go to the story, the first link points to a reuters’ webmail login. the story have been up since friday and they haven’t fixed it yet.

Yeah, the overall numbers are pretty embarrassing for all of us :frowning:


I’d be curious to see numbers relating to sexism due to the Bernie Bro narrative that the Clinton campaign pushed, not that reality is considered all that important when pushing a narrative that helps your presumptive candidate…


I bet this result is largely a proxy for age and non-white-maleness. I’m not saying that excuses it, but it might help get closer to understanding what’s actually being measured, rather than focusing so much on “Trump supporters are the most racist, Hillary supporters are in the middle, and Bernie supporters are the least racist.”

Attitudes about race (like attitudes about gay rights) skew heavily by age, sex, and (unsurprisingly) race. Younger people tend to be more inclusive and less racist. It reflects an ongoing social evolution. I’m not saying it’s a given at all times and places, but it very much has been the case in the US for several generations. Assuming other forces don’t arise to overwhelm the ongoing progress, our grandchildren will be less racist than we are, just as we’re less racist than our grandparents.

Anyway, given that it was already very much known that Sanders supporters were dramatically younger than Hillary supporters, who (on average) tended to be younger still than Trump supporters, this result shouldn’t surprise anyone. We already knew this.

Other things we could go out and measure that I bet would show the same gradient, with (Bernie supporters) < (Hillary supporters) < (Trump supporters):

  • income level / net worth
  • home ownership
  • voting turnout rate

Because all of those things also skew based on age.


This doesn’t exactly show how racist each group as a whole, just with regard to black people. If you asked each group whether they believe conspiracy theories regarding Jews I bet you’d see a big uptick in the Bernie camp and probably no change in Trump’s.

…In the camp supporting the Jewish candidate?


Or rather, Sanders supporters are more likely to be aware of the fact that it’s no longer acceptable to admit being racist out loud, even on an anonymous survey.


To paraphrase Kerouac, “This is America, where everyone is doing what they think they are supposed to be doing.”

Did they adjust for general dickishness?


Well, the Bernie Bro narrative was about racism too. I got really tired of hearing about how Sanders had trouble with black voters. You look at favourability polling and you’ll find that black voters liked Sanders just fine, they just liked Clinton more. I think it was just hard for anyone - even Clinton supporters - imagining someone actually liking Clinton as opposed to just hating everyone who wasn’t Clinton.

I agree to an extent, although Sanders supporters were also quite a bit more white than Clinton supporters. I’m sure not surprised by these results, but given the narratives in the media I would guess that some people are.

“Everyone is just as racist as me, they just won’t admit it because of political correctness” - The mating call of the racist


I’m curious how a poll like this is conducted, because this is a comparison between two sets of data collected by nearly identical sets of questions. I don’t doubt it’s accurate, I’m curious how something like this is conducted.

My prediction from months ago that the Clinton vs. Trump battle would devolve into “Vote me because I’m not the other person” appears to have come true.


Hi. Welcome to Boing Boing. I just wanted to make sure you knew which website you were on. This isn’t Breitbart. I know the alliterative Bs can get confusing sometimes.


I’ve seen BernieBros make the earnest, honestly-felt comment “Why does Bernie need to fundraise when he can just use his Jew-Money?”


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I still think it’s probably safe to bet on less anti-semitism from the Bernie camp than from the careful-not-to-drive-away-white-supremecists Trump camp.


Aww… it’s so cute when someone thinks this is Facebook.


Oh, certainly. But that doesn’t mean that the BernieBros are free from “Model Minority” biases and other such bits of latent or overt bigotry that Jews often experience from leftists, which was my point, although they’re a tepid pool compared to the exploding boil-vat that is Drumpf’s group.