“Let’s troll Bernie and Hillary supporters systematically,” said Trump fans on 4chan


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4chan is gross.


Here’s hoping this backfires spectacularly… because if there’s something the chans hate is being thought of as someone’s attack dog. 4chan attacks who and what it wants to on its own time and for its own reasons.


that’s a Florida grade Gentleman!


We’ve already seen Clinton supporters claim that obvious trolls or just Hillary haters are “Bernie Bros” even if they don’t espouse support for Sanders and after the revelation about the Correct the Record astroturfing, you can’t trust Clinton supporters online.

This reminds me of the old saying that “every 13 year old girl on the internet is actually an FBI agent.”


“Let’s troll …” said … 4chan

Fixed That For You


While they are trolls first and foremost, there are lot of 4channers who are rabid Trump supporters who are doing what they can to back their favorite white supremacist, SJW hating, arch-troll of a candidate, which is why you’ll see garbage like this. They might be immature trolls first and foremost, but they’re not apolitical.


Unbelievable! Assholes supporting Donald Trump? Come on!


Trump is a scumbag’s scumbag, fact.


Some Donald Trump supporters on 4chan

Now I wonder why that didn’t work. Should have brought democracy to its knees.


I honestly figured this kind of online “gamesmanship” was already happening :confused:


Like everything else there, eventually - unless things have changed there since moot left.


Well, this explains so much of what has been going on here the last couple weeks.


I think you forgot to include /pol/, especially since that’s where most of the politically incorrect bastards came from they’re also the ones who created gamergate to begin with.


Thanks to @xeni for posting this important news.

It’s not going to get easier to organize against fascist bullying as more time passes. It’s better to get ahead of the ball.

With the possible exception of this forum, I do have the sinking feeling that organized, digitally-literate GOP fascists and reactionaries outnumber progressives.

I don’t know why or even if it’s really an accurate perception I have.


I think that it is adorable how, out of the literally dozens of Trump-fan generated “let’s troll Hillz and/or Bernie somehow” threads that appear on 4chan every single goddamned day, (and which have been popping up for months now), some sewious gerblist stumbled across one and thought it was worth writing up. Truly groundbreaking stuff. A Pulitzer can’t be far behind. I sit with baited breath awaiting his long read on how the internet is actually rife with pornography.


In this case attacking the paid PR political trolls makes the ideal target. No political goal other that punishing those who use PR agencies and paid professional trolls. Right now the worst ones are Hillary Clinton paid political trolls and that does require a response, as it has in the past.
People generally share forums when they share ideas, when paid trolls think they can take over that forum to generate marketing profits, those who the trolls support deserve the repercussions. This is also a lot of false flagging going on and that is coming out of the Hillary Clinton corporate camp and targeted at Bernie Sanders and is also very noticeable.
4Chan are picking it up, because it is becoming annoying and as such deserves a extended response, not just until the annoyance ends but until the beneficiaries of that annoyance cease to be fun targets of that response.


And they say there are not Trump equivalent of “brown shirts”!


So basically

‘Sod off and leave us alone before we make you leave us alone’?