“Let’s troll Bernie and Hillary supporters systematically,” said Trump fans on 4chan

Not even close, the Kremlin has the most effective paid trolls, the fact that 4chan of all places is held up as being scary and unprecedented shows that America’s trolling game is poor.


Whenever I see 4chan mentioned, I always mistako-read it as “4chin” and picture a really fat guy angrily smashing out trollism on a foodstained keyboard.

(I mean, like the restaurant guy in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life or something. Not meant to be fattist. I’m no Adonis myself.)

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man, amazing people are forgetting about other chansites like 8chan and freech, top boards there are all vidya games and politics.

most of everyone at 4chan could give less of a damn about politic schlock outside /v/ and, of course, /pol/.

No kidding. 4chan as a whole seems to hate /pol/, and generally wants to avoid political debate. As for /pol/, these kinds of threads are a daily occurrence, which makes it remarkable that this is a news story.

What’s obvious to you is not obvious to all. Most people stay away from the 4chan dumpster fire, and I’m happy some people occasionally report on the atrocities that bleed out to contextualize.


But that’s just the problem right there, innit. This does not contextualize. It bullshitifies. Contextualizing would be to say “over the past couple of months, hundreds, if not thousands of threads have been started by Trump fans trying to coordinate some sort of trolling effort against Bernie and Hillary. Nothing of consequence comes of it.” THAT, my friend is context. Acting as if the single thread buddy stumbles across is in any way, shape, or form noteworthy or effective? Bullshit.

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