Clinton apologizes after calling Trump's bigoted supporters "deplorable"


How is standing up against racism, bigotry, and xenophobia a bad thing? Your point is Bernie is a better candidate because he would’ve been more delicate with their feelings?


No love for John Quincy Adams?


Frankly I think it’s mostly media spin. The one unusual thing come from Bill’s post-Presidency. The typical career path for a high level politician is to retire then start turning your political capital into your next career. Either public speaking, charitable foundations, or board appointments. Because Bill was president the Clinton’s got started on this portion early, but the connections aren’t any more corrupt than Cheney’s Halliburton connections.

The major scandal, the emails, looks more and more innocuous the more I hear of it. Using a private server was bad, though a fairly standard practice on a smaller scale. The classified emails people want to throw her in jail over… well those would have been just as bad if she had been using an official State Dept. email account since that’s not a classified system either. The fact that over the course of a few years a few people sent information through the wrong system is hardly shocking.

She could probably handle some of it better, and there’s stuff from the 70s where Bill Clinton probably did accept a $100k bribe by funnelling it through Hillary’s trading account. But overall I think Hillary is being held to a far higher standard than other politicians.


Seriously, the visualized analogy was viscerally disgusting to the point where it overshadowed the actual message.


My hat is off, sir.


I.e. grotesquely, blatantly corrupt, to a degree that would be felonious in most of the developed world.

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Anyone else feel like the internet has made following a campaign a particularly special slice of insane hell? I’m not that young, so I feel like I should remember this… but does anyone remember if it felt this tedious when all we had was televised news? And tedious isn’t even quite the right word… it’s more like nothing matters, at all. They say things, they retract things, they say more things. One media node is behind, or misinformed, and by tomorrow it will be mostly replaced anyway. Or seven different sites/bloggers/random strangers will have started shouting and publishing contradictions and “proof” of this or that before most people have even encountered the original story.

This is where we post the Mugatu “crazy pills” meme, right?


Because Sanders would be crushing Trump. Just my opinion. Worth very little.


You are right to a point about pre-web campaigns. You relied more heavily on the debates and maybe you were swayed by tv spots. But the majority didn’t see all this noise because it wasn’t there. Edit: except cable news shit shows. But not everyone had cable. And not everyone watched the news.


I wish it was one she made less often. You don’t fight Trump with insults, you fight him with respect and compassion because they’re the two things he’s utterly incapable of conjuring from his black soul. He has no counter to these things. If you can tell the panicked people of America who feel like hatred and bigotry are An Answer that you have a different answer that doesn’t involve hatred and bigotry, you sometimes have a chance of winning a few over. If you tell them you hate them, you only encourage them to be hateful and bigoted (they see no alternative).

Fuckin’ ay, Hil, this shit is too damn important for you to sabotage yourself like this.


I will vote for whomever promises to ban them. It is my number one criteria for selecting a president.


He would have been a better candidate because he would not have had as much trouble beating Trump as Clinton is having.


Not much. A relative, so I’ve been told, but also kind of a bad Pres., though I don’t know the details.


There is a part of me that says I should have known it would be like this when the first woman ran for the US Presidency,


Many of Trump’s supporters would take allegations that they are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” as compliments.


Funny – I read her “I shouldn’t have said half” as being a classic “that can be read two ways” statement. With the the realization of the “two ways” as an in joke or IQ test.


We all know that he and FDR were horrible presidents.



It is not about actual racism and bigotry. It is about accusing millions of people of racism and bigotry because you disagree with their politics. It is a rhetorical twist meant to silence opposition. This sort of misplaced idealism has occurred many times in history. It is also sort of an intoxicating trap to fall into. I have interviewed a bunch of people who experienced such movements in their youth. They all had in common the conviction that they were on the right and moral side, and they get swept up in the power of it. It is a slow and incremental process, but it often ends in horror.


Bad move Hillary. Candidates aren’t supposed to talk that way. That’s what Joe Biden is for.