Close Personal Friend: A 90s Music Video-Style Profile of Douglas Coupland


I’m sure this is perfectly explainable, via some sort of synergistic sponsorship arrangement, already in place, biz-az-yoozh, but I can’t help noting the irony, in that the sentence “On my most recent pilgrimage to Powell’s City of Books in Portland last week, I purchased only one thing: his recent art monograph everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything […]”, links the clicker to the Amazon listing for the book.

One could buy it from Powell’s, too, I s’pose, if one wanted.

(caveat: spoken as someone who has no idea what sort of arrangements Powell’s imposes on publishers)

WhenTF did Coupland get so old?!? I’ve been living in a bubble. My mental picture of him is more like:

Not the most constructive comment but this really caught me off guard.

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