Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein chats with Xeni and Mark (video)


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Does she talk about the ad she made promoting American Express’ usurious prepaid debit card?

Très punk!

I say “BEST BOINGBOING INTERVIEW EVER!” Or at least my fav!

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I’m at Powell’s Books all the time and I never see her there. The last celebrity I saw anywhere around here was the one-armed guy from “Twin Peaks”.

Not as thrilling.

I’m at Powell’s Books all the time and I never see her there.

Maybe she sees you first? :wink:


Damn. Beaten to the punch…I was wondering if she bought anything at Meltdown (or Powell’s) with her AmEx Black card, received in payment for the ad, with a fat account balance of AmEx $$, cheerfully accepted. And I say this as somebody who LOVED Call The Doctor and Dig Me Out. (Kinda “meh” on the rest.)

Punks just ain’t what they used to be. Fuck, who am I kidding…if I had the meteoric career she did, I’d probably be happily suckling at the corporate teat too. Though I’d hope not.

At least in the first three seasons of Portlandia there’s a brief shot of Powell’s Books in the opening credits. Every time I’d see it I’d think, oh, hey, that’s the place that used to send me that hilarious e-mail newsletter about their store cat. At the time that and “Hello Larry” were the only things I associated with Portland.

The Portlandia theme song has to be in top 25 most underrated theme songs. Also, from what I am told by friends in Portland it sounds like they do a brilliant job of portraying reality.

I just tell people it’s a documentary.

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