Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein chats with Xeni and Mark (video)




Does she talk about the ad she made promoting American Express' usurious prepaid debit card?

Très punk!


I say "BEST BOINGBOING INTERVIEW EVER!" Or at least my fav!


I'm at Powell's Books all the time and I never see her there. The last celebrity I saw anywhere around here was the one-armed guy from "Twin Peaks".

Not as thrilling.


I'm at Powell's Books all the time and I never see her there.

Maybe she sees you first? wink


Damn. Beaten to the punch...I was wondering if she bought anything at Meltdown (or Powell's) with her AmEx Black card, received in payment for the ad, with a fat account balance of AmEx $$, cheerfully accepted. And I say this as somebody who LOVED Call The Doctor and Dig Me Out. (Kinda "meh" on the rest.)

Punks just ain't what they used to be. Fuck, who am I kidding...if I had the meteoric career she did, I'd probably be happily suckling at the corporate teat too. Though I'd hope not.


At least in the first three seasons of Portlandia there's a brief shot of Powell's Books in the opening credits. Every time I'd see it I'd think, oh, hey, that's the place that used to send me that hilarious e-mail newsletter about their store cat. At the time that and "Hello Larry" were the only things I associated with Portland.


The Portlandia theme song has to be in top 25 most underrated theme songs. Also, from what I am told by friends in Portland it sounds like they do a brilliant job of portraying reality.


I just tell people it's a documentary.


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