Portlandia: "Change the World One Party at a Time"


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My daughter and I watched the first season together and fell in love. We introduced my husband. First episode: What is this, this is weird. Second episode: Well, maybe we could watch another one of those Portlandia things, just because we don’t have much time. Now: Hey, new season of Portlandia is on Neflix!!! Let’s watch tonight!


portlandia is one of the few things i actually subscribed to on the aTV. i can’t believe it took so long to get to netflix!

That’s funny because it’s so stereotypical! The same thing happens with me in our house. My wife discovers something great, we watch 1, I’m like, meh. She puts another one on, I’m still like Meh, and then after that I get hooked and she’s like, I created a monster. It’s happend, what, with six different shows now? Oh man.


A college friend and his wife visited me a few weeks back. They mentioned that they’d found a free Portlandia walking tour of downtown. They got a lot out of it, but it turns out they hadn’t heard of the TV show! They thought the tour’s name was just a name.

We watched the first episode on Netflix together. They enjoyed that a lot too!

I watched the first episode of season three on Monday. I’m going to savor the rest, one episode a weekend.

did they get any of Stu’s Stew?

The show is pretty hit and miss for me, but I love the opening music. But, I do love little parts here and there, for sure…

They did eat at a food cart! Egyptian, not Stuish.

I just saw an episode where they ate there!

“well, i do watch downton abbey”… that was a great episode.

Hey, it’s not like good protest songs aren’t being made at all nowadays:

(Ibrahim Qashoush, the guy who wrote it, was killed in 2011).



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I started with the first episode of the second season (I think), so while I found the “dream of the 1890’s is alive in Portland” baffling at first there was something about it that made me want to stick with it. Then I got to the couple binge-watching Battlestar Galactica and I had to pause it every few minutes so I wouldn’t miss anything while I was laughing.

Then came the final line of that story, and I said, I don’t care what else they do. I will love this show forever.

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