There was a Punky Brewster reboot we never heard about because it was on Peacock

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Would that be the same network that hijacked the US Olympic basketball games and put them behind a paywall?

No sympathy for Peacock from this fan.


Wait, is this the reboot where she had a magical sidekick named “Glomer?”


They also air a "cut* version of The Blues Brothers. Who would do that???


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Peacock is free, if you have xfinity internet or TV the “premium” option is free also

but that did not make the punky brewster reboot any good.

though the show Rutherford Falls on Peacock is great

Also Check out Soleil Moon Frye’s doc Kid90 on Hulu


The trailer for the Punky Brewster reboot show seemed like it was not going to be great… this however, looks like it’s pretty good… but I have not gotten around to watching it yet.

Also, Amber Ruffin rules.


I watched Punky Brewster as a kid, but I was young enough not to remember much other than a depressing episode about her foster father getting sick and her possibly having to go back to an orphanage or something like that. Was the original series as depressing as I remember it?

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There was a whole ass episode where her friend Cherry (?) nearly died when they were playing hide and go seek, because she hid in an old refrigerator and they had to use the CPR they had recently learned at school to save her… That one stuck with me.


PSAs turned into awkward episodes of 70s/80s kids shows. Name a more iconic duo.


I’m one of those old guys who still has cable, Xfinity to be exact and I get Peacock included. I still didn’t watch Punky Brewster.

The one that stuck with me was the Very Special Episode of Diff’rent Strokes where Arnold and his friend Dudley narrowly escape being drugged and raped by the pedophile who has been grooming them.


I’m another person who probably would have tried at least two episodes. Peacock must not be very proud of their work, here.

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But that was the deal with Punky Brewster wasn’t it? Every episode was supposed to be a “very special episode”.


Never walked by a fridge on the side of the road without remembering that they are terrifying but I forgot that it was punky brewster that taught me this important lesson until now. Now it all makes sense.


I totally did this for Discovery+ and the Doggie Superbowl show they ran.

On a slightly related tangent, Discovery+ keeps advertising some show about adorable bunnies. Can anyone tell me what show that is?

I just have Xfinity for internet and get Peacock Premium access because of it. Some of the shows are entertaining, such as The Amber Ruffin Show (this is a much watch), Girls5Eva, and the new Saved by the Bell.

I still didn’t watch Punky Brewster. Didn’t even have a passing interest despite being a kid who, according to my siblings, would have a meltdown if someone else was at the TV, stopping me from watching my show about a lovable orphan. The trailer and commercials convinced me that the show wasn’t worth trying out. Sorry, Soleil!

That is probably the most iconic episode of the show. Even more so than the Challenger explosion episode! I think Soleil and Cherry did a TikTok featuring Cherry emerging from the fridge.

They advertised it, though. And it was talked about on various websites when it was announced, in production, and released. Everything ended there, though. It wasn’t disliked. It just, apparently, wasn’t remarkable.

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I keep forgetting Peacock even still exists. Not that I’m going to shell out however much it costs to see some broadcast shows and some originals that I’ve seen a list of but already forgotten what they are.

Maybe? I only remember that episode, the voice of the adopted father, and the cartoon spin off!


I have no idea what the horror episode was going for, but it wasn’t depressing.