CNN fires Chris Cuomo, also now accused of sexual misconduct

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Nice move, Chris. Now you’re finally qualified for a job at Faux News.


Chris turned on his former employer, claiming CNN boss Jeff Zucker knew all along.

Self-serving and vindictive* but probably true.

[* it’s the Cuomo family way]


Guess it runs in the family.


He had done some work for Fox early in his career as a “correspondent and political policy analyst”. I could see Fox hiring him as the token “liberal” but if not I’m sure he’ll pop up somewhere. You can’t get rid of these guys.


We will hear all kinds of people saying something along the lines of ‘See, liberals do stupid sex stuff at work too’. I think the key difference is that it tends to cost them their jobs, while with the GQP it leads to speaking engagements.


Makes me wonder what old Mario did or said that lead to two of his offspring behaving with such entitled impunity. While I couldn’t give two shits about Andrew’s fate, I’m seriously disappointed with Chris. I thought he’d take his position seriously, but apparently as with most of those entitled by birth, it’s just a game they play.


*the presidency.

I’m prepared to bet one whole dollar that his boss absolutely knew.


He raised them in a life of privilege, and they grew up knowing they would never really be punished if they stepped out of line.
Not really punished like poor people anyway.

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I so, so want them to find a way to work this into the next season of Succession.

Or at least Billions.

There’s just something so satisfying about the fall of once-powerful families.

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