CNN mistakes a Pride Parade flag covered in dildos for the ISIS flag


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You’re a little late to the party, Cory


“I seem to be the only person who has spotted this, and nobody seems to be raising any questions,” Pawle added, saying that neither event organizers nor the police knew about the flag. She suggested later that it might be a “subtle” joke.

Honey, you done got trolled. Hard.


Thanks! I was on a plane all day/night yesterday, so I missed it…


Hee hee. Well, that is an ISIS flag. Made out of dildos. If you compare the actual flag to the dildo flag someone tried remarkably hard to mimic the look and did a really good job of reproducing it. Of course the CNN bimbette was pretty derpy to not think about the context here (is there going to be an ISIS contingent at a Pride Parade?), but that’s CNN for you.

I salute you, Master Troll! You got both ISIS and CNN.



But it helped to have a concern troll with a hotline to the CNN HQ on the scene.


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