Watch: Meidas Touch has some fun with "Lyin' Sleepy Ted"

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He is duplicitous in his politics, no doubt he is the same in the rest of his life. Sooner or later it will spill out.


Oh sorry, wrong racist bigot kkkpuplican a$$hole…



What’s that on his mask? Looked like the words Come and take it with an image of… a cannon with a star over it? Don’t get it. Must be a texas/remember-the-alamo thing.


Yes, that’s what you saw and it’s been circulating over the past year or so. But seriously, stop there. Trying to discern reason in the QOP is the path to madness.


Fair enough. But I’m always trying to figure out symbols. For instance, for years, I saw this square sticker with a bold, yellow equal sign over a dark blue background. Finally figured that one out. Then there was the monochrome US flag with the one blue bar. Finally figured that one out too, but it didn’t take years.


This guy clearly needs a vacation.

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Didn’t Ted Cruz come back from a vacation?

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I just looked that up. At the risk of both outing myself as a big dummy and opening myself up to mockery from vexillologists, the Human Rights Campaign flag and the flag of Ukraine occupied the same space in my head.

I suppose they’re more than a little related though.

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