CNN's Don Lemon suggests women being orally raped “use their teeth”


Jesus fuck. I am SO FUCKING TIRED of clueless men having condescending, patronizing opinions, often wildly off base or flat out wrong, about shit they clearly aren’t educated about, about things that do not affect them.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Already.


lots of guys LIKE the teeth!

I would think biting a guy’s penis off would affect them more than just a little bit. Well, I guess that would depend on the guy…

It’s quite likely the quickest way to turn your rapist into your murderer.


Please don’t. This isn’t funny. A woman was drugged and raped.


There are plenty of reasons why Don Lemon’s comment was stupid:

  • Rape doesn’t always involve physical force, it often involves social/psychological force. Just because the perpetrator isn’t holding a gun to your head doesn’t mean it’s not rape.
  • When rape does involve physical force or the threat of violence, the victim is often too scared to fight back. Rightly or wrongly, victims often just “try to get through this,” and have to deal with the trauma later.

I realize the woman being interviewed is not a trained advocate or public speaker, just someone who is trying to tell her side of an ugly event.

But saying “I was stoned and didn’t think of it and in retrospect I wish I did” is an unfortunate answer that just perpetuates Don’s original misconception.


Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh you missed my point. The “bite the penis” shit was said by they man at CNN and has nothing to do with the original crime at all. It should never have come up.

But since it has: 1) Biting off a penis is not that fucking easy: and 2) What do you think men who are orally raping women do when those women try to scrape or bite their penis? How do you think that would affect the woman being raped?

Yet another man not using his brain, fuck.


It is odd how quickly some men want to voice their opinions about being the hypothetical victims of a sexual assault and seem to have a script ready for how it would have gone.


She was on national tv being interviewed about HER RAPE by a prolific and beloved celebrity. On national tv. “She didn’t do herself any favors”???

How was she supposed to respond? Jesus fuck, way to blame the victim for not responding perfectly to a really terrible piece of “advice” while being interviewed on live national tv ABOUT HER RAPE. What is wrong with you???


Settle down, I’m not victim blaming, if you read my comment you’ll see I was agreeing that Don Lemon’s comments were stupid, insensitive and misinformed. I just think her response was poorly chosen — yes, unscripted and in the heat of the moment — and unfortunately serves to perpetuate the original ignorant idea that “she should have just fought back.”


As someone who has been kicked in the crotch (which, admittedly, is not having it bitten off, but I’m sure you will agree slightly less painful), I can assure that the only thing on someone’s mind who has had their penis bitten off, is the immense pain and vomiting, NOT immediately grabbing that person and doing away with them. And I would like to point out, that that guy would have a pretty hard time explaining to the hospital and police how their penis somehow got disconnected from their body with teeth without implicating themselves as a rapist.

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“Settle down.”? No. Stop with that sexist tone trolling.

You are concentrating on the wrong thing and it is victim blaming. And it’s bullshit. She handled it FINE.

OH HAI, another man giving condescending, patronizing and FLAT OUT INCORRECT advice on how women should react to and speak about their rapes.

Please read the first comment I made in this thread. You are doing EXACTLY what this CNN reporter did. And it’s not ok.

Her reaction was FINE. You have no right to judge her.

“She did herself no favors” — wow. Just wow.


You think that’s bad - I have been sexually assaulted several times, but I usually get shouted down for discussing it online. Men and women alike attack me over it as an unwelcome diversion to wherever they wanted the discussion to go.

Can we not derail with this bullshit? Oh boy! You have been kicked in the nuts, so you know!!

Uuugggghhggg stop it. (The fact that you think a penis can just be “bitten off” is ridiculous, not to mention scraping a penis is not the same thing as being kicked in the nuts, and when you add adrenalin and anger of a rapist, you cannot assume that the pain wont just piss them.)


I wonder if Don Lemon has ever experienced explicit racism or been called the N word. I wonder if he fought back the first time it happened, and every time it happened.

Seems like a good reason to kill them, then. Or in the very least, not a good reason to not kill them.

And I’m not sure I agree that having your dick bitten off is necessarily more painful than being kicked in the crotch.


This isn’t a pissing contest.

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I say that now gives us, as in the rest of humanity us, carte blanche to fashion some kind of automated biting device (cos some jobs are too shitty for humans full stop), and bite his dick with it. Live on TV. It seems only fair, doesn’t it?

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I’ll gladly re-word my original comment since I could definitely have said it in a more neutral fashion. I realize she’s not a trained advocate, just someone trying to get her side of an ugly story out.

But, I mean, she essentially agreed with Lemon when he made his remark, and I wish she hadn’t.


No. No it does not. That’s not how we should deal with this.