Co-pilot in Germanwings plane crash 'wanted to destroy plane'

Trust works over 99% of the time. This is an extremely unlikely situation.


Happens with light aircraft as well. A local guy (presumably) did this; old guy took his plane up at night (which he never did) and went straight down. Apparently a lot of “single vehicle crashes” are a sort of euphemism for suicide.


There’s an easy answer to this: Lubitz must have become a radicalised Muslim during his time away from work six years ago! Apparently he may have had a Muslim girlfriend (or at least she looked Muslim, and we don’t really know if they were still together), authorities found something interesting in his house that isn’t a suicide note, a spoof Facebook page praised him for his services to IS - there’s just so much evidence. It’s interesting that serious journalists aren’t picking up on this bombshell - must be the left wing bias.

ETA: Incidentally, the thing that the police found was a number of torn up sick notes, including for the day of the crime - he was receiving medication for depression following the previous episode and was hiding it from his work. No religious or political motivation has been found.


I watched it last night based on your recommendation. Very interesting! Thank you!

Well, there is a pretty established history of pilots using planes to commit suicide and murder-suicide, so… it wasn’t a stretch for me to suspect that - once the authorities said it basically wasn’t a political act, very early on.

Terrorism is less scary, so of couse we’d prefer it. Some folks might even attack anoyone personally who challenges that comfortable worldview, as though the one pointing it out was as complicit as the co-pilot in their new scary reality.


The narrative that makes the most sense to me at the moment is that he was a skilled pilot whose dream had always been to fly planes. He was also a disturbed individual and recognised that he would be grounded if his employers realised that there was a risk of him acting irrationally while in control of the plane, so he got as much treatment as was possible without alerting his employers (so no sick days, for example). We don’t know whether he voluntarily took time off work six years ago (or at least, I haven’t heard it reported either way), but he kept himself active and was actively seeing to deal with his symptoms. For the most part, it actually worked and he was able to fly without incident. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that this final action had a purpose - he didn’t seem to have strong political or religious opinions, he wasn’t flagged for extremist views and his closest acquaintances all say that it was completely out of character (as do the family members of the Egyptair pilot, for that matter). Maybe this was a scenario that he’d been dealing with for some time as a kind of intrusive thought? (bearing in mind that most cases of intrusive thoughts are not associated with a high risk).


Decompression won’t explain why the plane descended into terrain.

No, but may cloud the pilot’s thinking. (Though that would likely resolve with descent to lower altitude. Hypoxia is fairly common hazard, and if you manage to descend by accident or by purpose the brain fog goes away.)

Meanwhile it turned out that this is almost certainly not the cause here.

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