Coca Cola is dropping Tab

It’s okay. Coke just announced they are introducing New Tab. If you are using Windows, you can see the announcement by right-clicking on your own avatar and selecting the top choice from the pull-down menu.


Its Barq was much worse than its bite.


Tequila and Fresca - diet paloma!

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Upside is that anyone who ingested this thing will be forever preserved for the afterlife

Vodka and Tang : plastic screwdriver.

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I hear there’s an aluminum can shortage with the pandemic. Not so much because there’s not enough aluminum but with people drinking more soda at home, demand for canned 12 packs increased above the supply the canning plants are able to produce. I’ve noticed a lot of Coke products are just not in stores anymore. Caffeine free Coke Zero? Gone. Those weird novelty coke flavors? Gone, at least in diet formats. Generally all I can find in stores now is diet coke, coke zero, and regular coke. I imagine they’re killing off all their less popular drinks to save cans for the best sellers right now.


I guess some other company will pick up the Tab.

(sorry, couldn’t resist)


The local paper had a story about can shortage, though I vaguely remember some previous issue, something about new tariffs on aluminium between Canada and the US. But I can’t remember anything concrete.

But apparently Orange flavours are hard to come by, based on me wanting some and it’s not in the stores. And while generally Coke and Pepsi productively the same price, Come seems about fifty cents more for 12 cans these past months (but who knows it that’s related).

On top of this, I was under the impression that there was a move away from large bottles. 2L soda has gotten more expensive, and on sale less, while cans haven’t gone up in price as much, and on sale more frequently. I read that as consumers not wanting big bottles that go flat if left around. A can is a smaller portion, and the rest of the pack is waiting fresh for when you want it.

Fun fact: Tab Clear was created to be a purposefully awful alternative Crystal Pepsi and ensure a kind of mutually assured destruction for the future of clear colas.

And seriously though, fuck Coca Cola. They are giving many of their brands the Taco Bell treatment these days. Odwalla got the axe recently and I’m still bitter about this.

I wonder how much of this is COVID related. There is apparently a can shortage. I haven’t been able to get Barq’s root beer and Hawaiian Punch for a while now.

I had to ask around to know what Tab was when I saw the movie in theaters when it came out. Maybe because I was a kid and kids don’t generally know the nuances of weird adult diet sodas, or maybe because Tab wasn’t quite popular enough for that joke to be universal.

I very much appreciated the whole bit after I knew what it was though (and still do love that scene)


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