Drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola from 1956


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Drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola from 1956

As a member of the Health Department, I strongly recommend not ingesting that. And if you must, prepare for your intestines to revolt on a biblical level…


“I enjoy a nice, refreshing… Coca-Cola – every now and then. This is not going to be… that.”



Mexican Coca-Cola is my go to the next morning after a hard session with Mr. Beam…


Is there something ‘special’ about Mexican C-C?


Sugar instead of corn syrup?


Is coke making a version of coke with sugar now? That was a thing soda companies were doing for a bit, “throwback” drinks with sugar instead of corn syrup.


YES. Mexicoke is made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. You can get Mexicoca-cola at your local taco truck. Try a comparison with regular coke–once you taste the difference, you’ll never go back to regular.

Wikipedia claims, “Participants in a different double-blind taste test overwhelmingly preferred American Coca-Cola. Participants in taste tests conducted by Coca-Cola reported no perceptible differences in flavor between American Coke and the Mexican formulation”

Don’t believe it. Those participants probably think Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food.


It is a go to for mixing with Mr. Beam.


I was just curious; I am the only person I know who hasn’t downed any soft drink in decades. Fruit juice or water is fine with me.


Coke produced in Mexico has always used sugar. Local economics / agreements and such.


I don’t… I’m from England. And. Don’t understand.


Imagine if you will, brewing a cup of Lyon’s Tea from 1956.


Pepsi makes a ‘real sugar’ version. You can find it in 12-packs. Same price, just an extra logo. I vastly prefer it. I won’t drink corn syrup if I can help it.


I had canned Sprite totally leave the building.
It sat outside for a couple of years, and; no one home.


it would be fairly easy to open and test on the spot for contamination prior to consuming for anyone worried.
as long as the seal was maintained it is more than likely still safe.

the war ration youtube guy wouldn’t have thought twice about using this to wash down some even older rations. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Makes a huge difference in taste doesn’t it? I agree completely.

missread that first pass…lol.


Still Water for me too, please.


I’ve definitely licked an old cooch. Vintage 1956 or before. Tasty, even if slightly less fizzy.


“Have you ever licked an old couch?”

I danced on the furniture in the Candler mansion and dust was raised, does that count? I’m pretty sure I drank a diet Coke in there at roughly the same time.


Nobody drinks Lyons over here. I can’t ever remember even seeing it in the shops.