Cocktail Hour

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I thought Bond asked for his martini to be shaken because the Vesper has Lillet in it. He might not have insisted on a regular martini being shaken.

I always thought it was because he was a lightweight. Shaken martinis will have more water as the increased friction will cause more melting.

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The chart in blog view is unreadable.

Instead of directly scaling down the 1000px-wide image in the main article, the blog view first scales it down to 300px, then up to 680px.

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The chart is at the National Archives, no less:


Oh, sick res! Thanks!

Edit: here’s a nice brightened-up version of that source:

The Vesper is shaken because he’d had too many champagne-amphetamine cocktails before hand. And Ian Fleming’s incipient DTs as well meant gently stirring wasn’t really an option.

Well I think the whole drink washing idea is just awful. If you find that your drink is too dry, why not, yknow, choose a sweeter drink? If it’s too bitter, then maybe you’re drinking the wrong thing. You don’t have to prove you’re a man - go ahead and order that Mai Tai.

The most important ingredient in a cocktail is pretension. The next most important ingredient is a dislike of the taste of alcohol.


Maybe more water as a percent of the drink but the overall alcohol content is not any lower unless you dump some martini out of the shaker.

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