Coinbase bought a company founded by disgraced cybermercenaries from Hacking Team, and now Coinbase users are trying unsuccessfully to delete their accounts

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Or Elliot Abrams. Does he have a security clearance?

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I think CIA should have been banned too:


I can see the sticking point. They can’t send you a check for 44/100 of a cent, and they can’t impound all that wealth.

I would imagine Bitcoin has already solved this conundrum.

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That’s “purely” a rounding problem, right? :wink:

I imagine the way to actually solve it, is to make a paper/personal wallet, and transfer your 44/100 of a cent out of Coinbase and into your wallet. I don’t think there is much else you can do.

I would laugh at this failure of bitcoins, except that it turned out a Wells Fargo account I tried to close a few years ago still exists with $0.02 in it.


No war criminals, no spies, and particularly no secret policemen anywhere near political power.

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“They need to disassociate themselves from Hacking Team if they have any hope of earning people’s trust again.”

I thought the whole point of bitcoin was that stuff like regulation and trust were not needed. Did that not work out as planned?

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What I love about crypto-currency is getting to watch libertarian anarco-capitalists essentially getting to firsthand learn everything the rest of us learned about why there are so many financial laws and regulations.


… I mean, there are more immediately-obvious Homer references here than is typically the case when one is proceeding wisely.

Have you tried to give your two cents on the issue to this forum?

The point of Bitcoin is to make a trustworthy form of monetary exchange that is not regulated by external agencies (generally governments). All “regulation” is supposed to be inherent to the blockchain and fully internal.

THAT bit is working pretty much as planned, although quite a few countries are contemplating heavy regulation of cryptocurrencies, anyway.

Bitcoin, however, has exactly zero control over those who handle/exchange Bitcoin, of course, beyond standard morals and/or laws. In other words, put simply, people<>Bitcoin; the only thing preventing a solution here is PEOPLE, not Bitcoin itself.

I’d think that having a bunch of semi-dormant accounts with fractions of a cent in them would be more hassle to the site than to account holders. Why not just walk away at that point?

Also, this:

Bitcoin isn’t floating-precision, the smallest unit is the satoshi - one hundred millionth of a bitcoin.

Jan 2018 saw about 83 satoshi to one euro cent…

Someone upthread suggested transferring it to a paper wallet. That transaction (on the BTC ledger anyway) is never going to be confirmed since you’re not going to afford a transaction fee with ‘dust’.

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