Colbert destroys MTG's secessionist fantasy

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MTG’s secessionist fantasy

Yeah, well, I thought the same thing about Lord Dampnut’s bid to become POTUS.
Look what happened.




Empty is a deeply unserious person (much less politician), and I wonder how many of her statements are actually fantasies and how many are just provocations intended to “trigger the libs” and make her supporters chortle to themselves. The current phenomenon of politicians as pure tr0lls, of which she is on the forefront, seems unprecedented… it’s hard to know where a lack of desire to actually make it happen starts and where pure laziness on her part begins, but one thing we can count on is that she’ll never do the work to make any of her policy proposals a reality.


One important difference is that there was an actual mechanism for Trump to become President; those who said it couldn’t happen were just counting on the American electorate to not make a terrible, terrible choice.

There is no Constitutional mechanism, no popular support, and no plausible framework for dividing up the nation along the lines of MTG’s fantasy. If the country ends up getting that divided the split isn’t going to fall along neat red/blue geopolitical boundaries, it’s just going to end in an extremely messy civil war with divisions going down to the level of individual households.

A widespread secessionist movement remains terrifyingly plausible. MTG’s vision? Pure fantasy.


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I guess social media is to blame - that’s what allowed them to use a history of very publicly being an asshole to catapult them into office on the “strength” of that and that alone. And once in office, that’s all they know how to do (or have any interest in doing, as that performative assholery is what gets them donations and votes from their bases), so that’s all they do.


What if Democrats all just registered as Republicans?

She would be in favor of that right? Suddenly the party has doubled its membership!


“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.”
― Henry Kissinger

I don’t think she & others of her ilk give a damn about Constitutional mechanisms, except to use them in order to destroy them.

Opposition is easily nullified via gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.

True, that… but it gets her followers riled up, and gets others thinking about the unthinkable.

Various States are in the process of embracing christofascism; the rulers of Florida & Texas are in a race to the bottom of that cistern. The usual suspects…

She won’t need to.
There are plenty of lobbyists that will do the dirty work of writing the laws & greasing the right palms. They’ve been at it for decades, now.


The idea that either state could build enough popular support to secede from the union through anything even approaching a democratic process remains a right-wing fantasy. Texas is a purple state with more Democratic voters than the state of New York, so even if every single Republican signed on to MTG’s plan they wouldn’t get over 50% without a good number of Democrats and independents.

Could right-wing extremists fuck everything up and create a violent uprising? Sure. Could they carve up the country in a way that resembles MTG’s fantasy? Heck no.


They don’t care about ‘democratic processes’ except as window-dressing; in the meantime, they are busy subverting them via gerrymandering, voter supression, etc.

California has more Republican voters than Texas…
Texas may well be ‘purple’… on paper. But this ignores the reality that Texas is gerrymandered from hell to breakfast.

As if there would be a vote.
During the depths of Covid, Czar Abbott declared an emergency, which gave him special powers.
He has ruled by fiat ever since, and has said he won’t relinquish those powers until his demands are enacted into law.
Things such as building his border wall, for instance. He has the LGBTQ community in his sights, as well. Since the Legislature is just getting underway, no doubt more ratfuckery is ahead.

I wouldn’t give ten cents on their chance of actually succeeding, but it would give certain officials the excuse they need to justify a harsh crack-down on dissent.

But given recent history, while the probability is nil, I will not disregard the possibility.
Nor will I disregard her ravings.

Her fantasy isn’t secession. Her fantasy is cleansing. Ethnic, political, what have you.
And anybody who thinks this won’t be their problem better think again.


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