Colbert: women should run the world


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Come on Colbert, your muffin top is svelte and silky. And I only read magazines for the articles. (Though the style tips are also informative)


I’m going to make a show that truly respects women, because I know that there’s more than one way to be one.

Awesome, and a real step up from the way David L used to ogle and salivate over conventionally attractive women less than half his age.


And I think this essay has proved that I have an authentic female perspective, because most of it was written by two female writers on my staff.

Right there is where I lost it.


Colbert breaks the fourth wall so often it is like he has superpowers.


That’s a great line, but it’s interesting to me how it still sounds like his old persona. I’ll be curious to see how he reshapes his new one as he fully steps out of the old one. I wonder if he’ll do that gradually, or instead, Boom, here’s the new, not-a-conservative-blowhard Colbert!


A hippie!


That read almost exactly the same as a Dave Barry article.


I’d like to see him have a female announcer/sidekick. Someone like Amy Madigan, Maria Bamford or Jen Kirkman would be great.


“You sure smell good.” Creepy.


Leno was even worse about that, because it wasn’t even passably schtick. Letterman’s ogling was sort of like Howard Stern’s ogling — gross, but he knows what he’s doing. Leno was just oblivious creepy. Julianna Margulies once made the “mistake” of coming on in a particularly slinky backless dress and she could barely get two words in edgewise about whatever she was plugging because Jay wouldn’t shut up about her dress and creamy shoulders and so on. Ugh. (As if I needed another reason to avoid watching Jay Leno.)


Maria Bamford.

Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford!


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