College basketball coach blames loss of game on young people not caring about college basketball



Welp, might as well add “college basketball” to the “Millenials Are Killing ____” list


I’m pretty sure at least one of those teams was destined to lose that game no matter how much millenials cared about college basketball.

Is there some rule I’m unaware of where everybody gets to win if the audience just claps their hands hard enough, kind of like saving Tinkerbell in “Peter Pan?”


I am an early GenXer and I don’t care about college hoops, or football, or whatever.


Late millennial here (33) and yup, I don’t give a rat’s ass about college sports either.


GenX here too, and the only sport I care about is sumo. Enjoying the Spring Basho very much, thank you.


It’s like, … logic, or something.

I’m a middle of the road GenXer, I guess… and I’m really tired of folks who try to blame everything under the sun on millennials; after all, if they are “all lazy, entitled and spoiled,” then who raised them to be like that?


TV, they mostly blamed TV for raising my end of the generation :rofl:


Let them rid the world of it all. I will be more than happy to live out my days in the post-millennial year zero of full socialism, avocado toast and anal sex.


Late baby boomers?


TV has raised the past 4 generations! We’re all fine! It’s all fine!


Born in the '80s is early millennial. You were born earlier than most of the other millennials.

Sumo is kinda silly but it seems like it would be good for training bouncers and bodyguards.


You’ve got it all wrong. The points don’t matter, and then everybody gets a participation award!


Baby boomer here. I don’t care about college basketball, either.


Alright I made a bit of an error with my math :worried:


His petulant word slurry is entertaining. If only I could watch less than zero college basketball in order to intensify it.


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