Color-matching game tests your eyesight

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Frst try: 4.5, Then I (kind of) figured out what I was supposed to do. Got a 5.3 on the second try. I don’t think I’m very good at this.

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8.2 on my first try, with a 5 on the first stage while I was still trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. The later stages are confusing AF, though, and I frequently found myself lost for vital seconds as I tried to figure out which colour to look at.


I am very good with colors, very bad when anything is timed. I think this test would be much better if it was not timed.

What does the speed you can do it at have to do with matching colors?


8.7. Messed up a bit cause I kept getting confused over which colour my cursor was supposed to be on. Guess I’m pretty good at this. Also I made sure to adjust my monitor…

I think this is more a test of the user interface and game design. My first time through I go “very poor” on the first set because I didn’t understand (a) the interface, and (b) the aim.

9.4 on first try; figured the interface out only on the second color matching task. Does this really test color vision? The only challenge is finding the precise location in time, not being sure it’s correct.

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It tests your ability to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing quickly.

The colour matching bit wasn’t hard, the timer was a stupid thing to have.


Apparently I’m terrible at complementary colors.


It’s funny that those threads always become kind of an arcade high score. Which is fine by me with color perception games, because I’m kind of good at those. I guess all that design and color grading work really does train color sensitivity, or something.

I do tend to stay quiet at the logical puzzles (too much work, go away) and ethical puzzles (I rebel at the stupidity of "you know with certainty this will happen).

I can’t get the complementary right, I always get poor, because I’m matching the opposite colors. This freaks me out.

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Great example of a UI that’s logical, looks great, and sucks.

Accurate color matching is pretty important to my work life, so I’m good at it. Nothing wrong with my display hardware, either. And still I’m racing to get the mouse pointer on just the right spot.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t beat the clock with this. The clock is only a test your gaming ability, not your color discrimination.


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