Fun online color vision test


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Cool site. I scored 32 on my first try. But I have to admit a few of them were pretty tough to spot.


It took four tries, but I made it to robot! Cupping your hands around your eyes helps.


I got 27 on my first try, and I am legit colorblind. Deuteranopic, I think. The brightness differences were enough on some of them.


Yea, taking the test over and over until you memorized the answers is not the same thing as good vision.


I think every time I’ve played, the odd one out has been lighter.


Aren’t they all identified by brightness cues? I didn’t get any obvious hue differences.


For those who really want to go all squinty, let’s not forget the x-rite Pantone color challenge.


To be fair, they change up the sequence of colors each time you play the game. I scored “dog” on the first try and “hawk” on the second try.


I scored 503 connection timeout. T.T


I kept getting distracted by the stupid brain malfunction of seeing dots in between the squares. I scored a tiger for whatever that is worth.


I think this is maybe even easier if you’re colorblind? I have a form of protanopia and didn’t have much trouble getting it right on the first try. Sure, some were a bit hard to spot, but not really difficult…


It’s easier with glasses on.


Tilting my laptop screen helped with the tougher ones.


This started distracting me badly as soon as it got to an 8x8 grid. The dark dots kept swamping out the light-dark comparison of the squares.

I did get a 27 the first try (a light teal color threw me at the end). Second attempt I held out until a purple at 34.


Rapid switches from red to green and back were harsh. Too much purple too. And the dots thing too.

They should add an eye rest consisting of a grey swatch for a couple seconds between the rounds.


I got the eye of the tiger


Same here.

Not very effective for actually telling if you’re colorblind.


This is not a color test. It’s a contrast test using colored squares.

A real color test varies the color, not the brightness.


Yes, that seems to be the case. I’m going to note that in the post. Thanks.