How refined is your color perception?

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Not refined enough to spot the double post, clearly.


I got a 12.

I wonder if lighting is a factor.
And I seemed to do better on lighter colours than dark.

I got 33. My eyes were created by robots.

It’s actually a memory test. Congratulations - you just reached the “cat” level!


Um, I’m not sure any animal on that list has full color vision, which, in a hue test, is probably an unfair advantage.

  1. I’m like a Mantis Shrimp.

ETA - holy cow - some how it changed my number of 32 to “1”. Weird.

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Damn, I thought I was doing well with 28.

27-0. I suspect doing this in a darker room would help.

I suspect my monitor settings are a variable factor that is not controlled for.

Dupe post.

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