Online Color Challenge


Arrange the colours to test your color vision.

I scored zero. Yay!


on my home monitor (2 years old, 20 inch hi-def led) i score zero. on my school monitor (8 year old, 4:3, lcd) i score 3-7.


Next up:


I love that one!!
I also have perfect colour vision! :slight_smile:

Have you done the facial memory test? I get like 98-99% on that.
But my BF and friend get like…12%? LOL - and during every movie ever “who’s that, is that Reese Witherspoon?” (said during MadMax: Fury Road - much hooting followed)


LOL 81%, right on average.

Although I feel like I would get better with practice. About halfway through the 6 faces together test I just forgot all of the faces I’d remembered, up until then I was pretty confident… not really choosing, just going with my gut instinct.


Those last two screen where its mostly snow get me every time… LOL


I feel like I did quite well in that bit, I was basically just selecting to get through the second half of the first group test. I think I have memory issues though… some serious knocks on the noggin throughout my time.


I could see that they were wrong but couldn’t find a way to put them in order. Very frustrating.

But not too disappointed with the score.

Maybe I should have turned flux off first but it’s pretty early in the evening so can’t have been doing much.


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