Color Of Change explains “Why Accurate Coverage Of Crime Matters”


This could even be unintentional, if the reporters only report the stories they find most alarming.

So many people involved though, for so long it has gone on. Certainly unintentional individually, but every person involved who had an inkling then decided to let it lie became part of the intentional body.

Which is why intention must cease to matter. Any who knew & didn’t act = part of the problem. Any who don’t know & thereby went with the flow = part of the problem & possibly too thick to be in their job. People who grin & think to themselves “hehe gettin paid to keep the black man down” may be the smallest group, so intentions can’t matter much.

edit - not cease to matter per se, but cease to be such a prominent & frequent focal point. Institutions ought be held to account for their actions as such without spending half the battle apologizing to it’s components that feel slighted. If the components can’t discern for themselves that corrective measures/spotlights on bad practices are not personal attacks, then ffs they are personal attacks because those people are definitely a big part of the problem. I’m sick of people involved in systemic wrongdoing hog trussing progress on account of their fee-fees

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In an effort for more balance, this is the face of a guy who had sex with his pit bull in front of his neighbors.

Two guesses which state -

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