Colorado congressman to Louisiana colleague: hands off our weed or we will go after your smoked crawfish


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If you’re going to smoke crawdad, first you need a little pot.


We usually boil them, not smoke them, but occasionally we do fry them.


Colorado congressman is so stoned he can’t even properly cook crawfish.


I’ve never been able to keep a crawfish lit. Not worth smoking.


The problem is, shaming the Louisiana representative about states rights hypocrisy, is that the point of states rights has always been about white supremacy. It was never about individual states protecting civil liberties from an overweening federal government.


Smoked Crawfish?

More like oiled.


Polis is the only politician from a major party that I vote for. I’m always proud to have him representing me.


Colorado congressman so stoned that it tastes just fine


I agree. The vast, vast majority of “states’ rights” arguments have been used historically to defend slavery, anti-miscegenation laws, numerous of other discriminatory laws, anti-abortion laws, etc etc.

In other words, states rights are hardly ever about giving us “more freedom,” except in the sense that people want the freedom to curtail other people’s freedom.

I think that using “states’ rights” as an argument to defend even a law I like is a very negative, because it legitimizes the entire principle of “states’ rights,” which is something I’d prefer to die in a fire.


Actually I stole that line.

It’s from the Beverly Hillbillies. When Jethro goes to live in “Sherwood Forest” dressed like robin hood and meets hippies. He talks about Granny and smoking crawdad. The hippies start to praise her as the “Crawdad Queen”. While she’s in the park searching for Crawdad to smoke…a policeman questions her and she says “I’m going to smoke me some crawdad, but first I need a little pot”…
The policeman says “Okay come with me lady”.


We’ve got another pile of shit after our marijuana here in Colorado as well…

Chris christie: If i’m president, i’ll crack down on colorado marijuana laws:

Meanwhile… here’s the:

Top eight ways colorado kicks the shit out of New Jersey:


Poster from the 1922 Swedish referendum on alcohol prohibition.



Crawfish demand these drinks! You will have to give up crawfish if you do not vote No on August 27


I don’t know how much you need to worry about Christie, he’s only slightly more <a href=“"target=”_blank">popular than Donald Trump, and way less popular than The Terminator


It didn’t pass. Luckily, the referendum was non binding, so the Swedish government banned alcohol until 1956,


Wikipedia seems to think that there was never Prohibition in Sweden- the system they had in place was rationing of alcohol.


Yeah, I was trying to wrap my head around “non binding referendum”.


(sorry for not great quality)


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