Delaware decriminalizes cannabis possession

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What a reasonable thing to have done.


I wonder which state will be the first to legalize cananbis through their legislature as opposed to a popular vote.


I’m very proud of that Delaware right now!


The lack of cohesion in laws from state to state in this country is mind-boggling. How can something be perfectly legal in one place, kinda illegal in another, and worthy of a decade+ in prison in another state?

The system is dumb. State’s rights are dumb. There should be one set of laws, particularly regarding things that involve the imprisonment of citizens.

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One set of laws would be better, eh? Are you sure about that? For instance, you would prefer federal marijuana law (i.e., Schedule I drug, felony possession with mandatory minimums in a federal penitentiary) to Colorado, California, or now Delaware law? Sure.

Federalism has a long, mixed history in this country, but in general serves as a check on a rapacious, power mad central government. Ever notice how property values in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the nice parts of DC were completely unaffected by the crash? Yeah, that’s because federal employees weren’t feeling any financial pain. Leviathan, baby.


I just want a system that isn’t arbitrary based on lines we’ve drawn inside of our own borders. Of course, I also want all the laws to conveniently align with my beliefs. :slight_smile:

If I’m getting what I want in this conversation, I’m all for letting the south* have that secession they wanted so badly… which would have the added bonus of the laws I want actually being able to pass nationally. There, problem solved.

*Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, N/S Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana

It would be great if the District of Columbia was a state. We voted overwhelmingly to legalize pot, but Congress keeps blocking it. With no representation in Congress, DC residents should be exempt from all federal tax. Either that or give us a vote.


Okay, so just how many stock photos of happy middle class multi racial gatherings of potheads are there? Because I swear this is the fifth different one I’ve seen this past week. They all look like pizza ads, 'cept with a joint.


I think I may have to go find a “friend indeed” in celebration! It’s rare to have positive mentions of Delaware on BB, we’re usually being quite justly ridiculed for the structural racism embodied by our classist laws and zero tolerance schools.

Anyway, mad props to Karen Peterson! Love that woman! She personally intervened in my little spat with the Wilmington cop that was running the illegal dumping ring. She came out on the Senate floor during the gay marriage debate. Brave and principled, a real fire-breather. No surprise she was on the right side of this one too.

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This has been such a frustration- you’d think maybe California would, because it looks pretty inevitable that a 2016 initiative is going to succeed. Way back in 2010 before CO, WA and OR, prop 19 was only 3.5% short. But politicians are cowards to the end. They wouldn’t vote for the sun to rise in the east, unless they could figure out a way for it to be framed “for the children” or as a favor to a union or business.

I think New Hampshire has actually come the closest, their house actually passed a bill. But it was later killed.


Floodgates opened after BB discovered

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Thanks. I thought I was going crazy.

Naw it’ll be states challenging federal law that will topple the federal position on maryjane. It’d be hella slower but for that, like it might never happen but for states heeding constituents or state legislators finding their own way there.

Everyone thought Canada would be first on this continent, but nopes.

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Yep, came here just to comment at how impressed I am by Boing Boing’s commitment to using these stock photos. I was thinking it was the third posting I’d seen this week.

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You are right about THC legalization, but it isn’t a single-issue problem.

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