How the Feds broke their pot promise


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Holy literal the fuck. Maybe the Republicans are right about splitting up the states in to a Confederation.


The nation is in a sad state when people are surprised that the President enforces the laws made by Congress.


Honestly, I’ve always found it really weird out that a country would have different civil/criminal codes depending on where you live.


The whole idea of “we have this law on the books, but we’re not going to enforce it (wink wink)” is a threat not only to the rule of law, but to individuals’ rights, which exist only within a framework of enforced laws.

Don’t like the law? Change it. Change it or live with it.


Way to stay classy, HuffPo: “WATCH: Pot Shop Worker goes to prison LIVE”. You know, because I wanna see that dude walk into prison!

And every time I’m thinking of getting involved in a pseudo-illegal business, $800 and a lawyer who tells me “oh gosh they don’t even bother” is all the advice I need!

I paid about $800 to consult with a lawyer who specializes in this field before I said yes. He said, “You know, they don’t really raid anymore, these things are fewer and fewer far between.” If they do go after people, he said, they go after the kingpin, the person who’s in charge of everything.
I'm all for legalization, and I think the current enforce-but-sporadically-enforce legal status is a terrible idea, but maybe this guy should've thought a little deeper about getting into that business prior to taking the job.

Thing is, in Canada at least, plenty of laws just aren’t enforced anymore. There isn’t any real political will to repeal them, so people just trust that they are OK. For instance, I don’t imagine my local comics store owner is very worried that it is illegal to sell crime comics in Canada.
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Don’t like the law? Change it.

Who was this directed at? Because it’s not like just anyone can change the laws. Surely you don’t believe that the average person has any effect on the U.S. Federal Government? If so, I’ve got some bad news about Santa.


From October, 2007:

It’s slightly dated, but still an amazing read.

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This is a three-step process,

“sad”, really? Are they sad? Is it sad?

“surprised”, again, really? People are surprised, are they? Literally aghast at the shock, I’ll bet.

I’m at pains to point out your wilful ignorance of the difficulties encountered when considering laws enforced by the state and at a federal level.
I’m at pains because it’s obvious that your wilful (apparent) ignorance on the topic is meant to serve as some kind of badge of membership to whatever ideological exuberance you inhabit.

Hey all, I’m an attorney practicing in California. If anyone would like, I would be happy to chat (in a general way; I am not able to give anyone legal advice, and I am not anyone on this forums lawyer) about what is going on in this article.

The extremely short version is:

  1. California law has made it “legal” to purchase/sell marijuana in some instances.
  2. There is a concept called “Preemption” which ensures that Federal law is the supreme law of the land (under the “Supremacy Clause” of the US Constitution).
  3. There is a specific Supreme Court case that says state laws cannot make marijuana legal in spite of federal regulation.
  4. There has been some speculation and insinuation (and to some extent, open statements suggesting same by DOJ officials, as referenced in this article) that the Department of Justice would begin to engage in less enforcement of federal marijuana laws in some cases.
  5. Federal law enforcement can still enforce federal law, and then send the case to the DOJ for prosecution. The prosecutor can then file a case against you if they want. The US Attorney’s office may choose not to prosecute, or may choose to prosecute, it is totally up to them.

Again, happy to write more about preemption/the Supremacy Clause, and how it effects California drug laws if anyone is interested/has specific questions.


What promise was that? Until a law is taken off the books, it’s still the law. It’s rich that the Democrat POTUS is doing this, as everyone who voted for him thought the good times were just roll on forever.

It may still be the law, but voters can make it the lowest priority for the police.

That’s an article about a local law. We’re talking Federal law here.

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