Colorado cop who put woman in car on railroad tracks convicted of reckless endangerment

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If you can’t identify railroad tracks, you shouldn’t be driving, let alone working as a cop.



While I would agree they shouldn’t be, I would claim that it is exactly the kind of malicious idiot that gets hired to be a cop.

And, as always, ACAB.


Once again, we need to name and shame these judges, too. :angry: They are a key part of the criminal injustice system, and it won’t improve until they are removed.

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That is some Snidely Whiplash-level villainy.


So, in other words, he’s just a fucking idiot, not a murderer. Got it.


Weren’t we just talking about duty of care a few weeks ago? When a cop has someone in custody, they have a duty of care to see that no harm comes to that person. Being a fucking idiot is murder under that standard.


Sadly, I am somehow not surprised. It’s amazing that people still don’t understand that trains do not, can not, and will not stop on a dime, because the locomative by itself is usually 100 tons. You will lose in a car vs train fight, and it doesn’t matter how many lights and sirens you have going, or who’s in the car with you. The train will hit you, and toss your 3-4 ton vehicle around like an empty soda can.

I’m with @DukeTrout : the officer is an idiot who violated their duty of care. Strip their badge away and black list them from ever being an enforcement officer.

There was that viral video of a couple cop cars with lights (and probably sirens) where were waiting at a two track level crossing for one train to pass, only to bolt across and get slammed into by a train coming the other direction… (I can’t link it because a) I don’t know a good source; and b) the incident was fatal for the officer IIRC.)


Never bring lights and sirens to a train fight.


The police vehicle lights were clearly on, hope the conductor got a hefty fine.



Yup, that’s the video.

And while it saddens me that the officer in the suv that got clobbered was killed in it, I feel worse for the train conductor, which could do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Trains moving at speed cannot be bargained with, cannot be reasoned with, and will absolutely not stop on a dime in the universe we presently occupy. YOU WILL LOSE playing chicken with a train.


I think a big part of the problem is that the police are taught that they have the right to ignore rules/laws in their own best judgment when needed. Taught to know that they are above the law. They don’t get taught that (at least some of) the rules and laws have purpose. Such as keeping people from imminent death and dismembering injuries.

Nope, it goes like this: “I’m the law. That rule is a law and I get to break it. So I will!” thus, natural consequences.

Sadly, more often than not others suffer for these failures of thought rather than the one who didn’t think.


Trains are nuisances, but they are also deadly nuisances.


It was a female cop.

And she was just fired

The assault conviction will likely affect Steinke’s ability to keep her state certification to be a police officer in Colorado.

And her partner is also facing charges and has been fired as well

Vazquez, who is facing eight misdemeanor charges in the case, has been terminated from the Platteville Police Department. Vazquez’s criminal case is still pending.


“You can still be a cop, just not here (for a while anyways)” ?

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