Colorado police bind woman on railroad tracks, let her get hit by a locomotive

Oh there’s definitely a lawsuit coming. Remember how after Uvalde a lot of legal experts pointed out that, in general, the police don’t actually have a legal duty to protect people? The one major exception to that is people they have in their custody. Once they locked the woman in the back of their squad car, they had a clear duty to protect her. The civil suit here is so open and shut that there’s no way it will ever see the inside of a courtroom. Whatever city or agency these cops worked for will settle this as quickly as possible. But, as you pointed out, that does nothing to hold the officers themselves accountable. And they need to be held accountable. They need to be prosecuted.


Have they been taking lessons from this guy?:


I imagine those cops would rather be perceived as deliberately attempting murder than admit that they’re that astoundingly stupid. How have they survived to adulthood??


Well somebody is going to need some vacation, er… paid suspension after that.


Oh I understood that. Just expecting a “she was responsible for her actions and we’re not at fault in any way” kind of thing.

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Love the passive formulation in the CBS story headline. As if it’s the train’s fault somehow.


eta: DrearyUrbanite beat me to it!


This guy usually saves the day:


One: Yes, unforgivable behavior by the police. But…Two: BoingBoing’s headline is a little too Dudley Do-Right, and a truth-stretcher to boot.

The weird thing about that is that it’s not a general legal principle—it only applies to cops :confused:


Dude, It’s just a few bad apples. You know what that means?

We though the entire barrel out as it is all rotten now.


Colorado legally eliminated qualified immunity, but they limited liability to $25k per incident per cop. Still, these cops at least face that risk vs zero.

ETA: Oh, and they should be prosecuted criminally, as well.


I did not know that. Thanks. Progress, I’ll take it.


Charges are most likely coming for her as she was involved in an earlier road rage incident where she threatened another motorist with a gun. That’s why she was being detained.

The officer is being investigated for reckless endangerment.

Fatal history at crossing where woman in police cruiser was hit |

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Colorado State Patrol are investigating the incident while Fort Lupton Police are investigating the alleged road rage case before the collision.

9NEWS has learned the Fort Lupton Police Department has submitted a felony summons against the suspect to the Weld County District Attorney for review.

“Our intake attorney will be looking at it to determine if charges will be filed,” an office administrator for the district attorney said over email.

Earlier this week, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office also indicated to 9NEWS it would review potential charges against police in the case.


I think so! Or was it this villain?

Maybe both?

I can’t imagine anyone doing something like this on purpose. Parking on the RR tracks, then loosing track of what’s going on around them. Sounds more like the cops were high. I bet the cops won’t be tested for drugs in their system.

Having worked for the Railroad in a few dark sky areas, it seems to happen fairly frequently. Usually “move your car or you’ll loose your bumper”, but it’s easy to get disoriented. There are also those who don’t understand the train can’t stop.

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is this a joke??
who would DO that?

These cops in Colorado is who…


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