Watch news reporter barely escape car plowing into him


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Ninja like reflexes saved him.


San Francisco, REPRESENT!


Good thing we have this .jpg of the guy just standing there and the car not crashing. It’s not even an animated .gif this time?


Oh, come now. This guy had a good 1.5 seconds to spare there…


In the immortal words of another KTVU employee

“Ho-Lee Fuk”


It’s faint, but if you listen closely to the audio, you can just make out what the driver in the car is saying during the crash:



i’m glad they’re ok, but who’s to say they weren’t a distraction?

i’d like to see the original report and why it was necessary to be out there in the first place. hopefully there was value added and not like a weather report with some poor individual standing outside in the rain…just to tell us it’s raining.


i was reading the headline and thinking, “isn’t this a repost of something that happened awhile back?” and then i saw “KTVU” and “train derailment” and i went, “oh, that’s san francisco, and this is new…!” – that is one scary video. glad everyone is ok. cripes.


Bay area posts on Boing Boing are about as common as Red Hot Chili Peppers songs mentioning California.

No way this clip makes it on BB if it happened in my cow town.


Ah, a fine concern trolling effort. However I’m afraid you’ve undermined yourself by not actually, you know, reading the article which clearly states why a news crew was out filming.


Yeah totally. Like, fuck those guys!


This is why highway workers are actually MUCH more likely to die on the job than cops or firefighters.


On the one hand, it’s nice to see some restraint in the GIF usage. On the other, I think this is the sort of article that really deserves the GIF.


Would have been better if he’d been dodging the derailed train.


If someone can’t tear their eyes away from a news crew filming in the middle of the day, to the point where they cause accidents, then that someone probably isn’t fit to direct the operation of a 3000-5000 pound explosion-powered piece of fast-moving metal on public roads.


Now those, are reflexes. I’ll take him on my team, thanks.


Humans aren’t fit to drive cars. Some are less unfit than others, but not by nearly enough.

Not agreeing with the point you’re replying to, just adding a thought.

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