Colorado tap water spiked with THC


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THC: "it’s not water-soluble"
That’s what made the headline jump out, to me


I’m very suspicious. First of all, THC is only minimally soluble in water. Second of all, there’s no legal THC in Hugo, or indeed anywhere in Lincoln County. Lincoln County was one of the bastions of prohibition when Colorado legalized cannabis. Third, there’s no indication of the concentration, but to get a psychoactive dose, the affected well would have to be grossly and intentionally polluted with pounds upon pounds of extremely valuable THC or whatever extract. Lastly, exactly who did the testing? The article didn’t say other than “town officials.” THC is detectable at nanogram levels, and false positives are quite possible.


THC - it’s what plants crave!


Is the mayor of Hugo’s name Camacho?


Probably tested with one of these crappy roadside items


I know this isn’t funny, but I can’t stop laughing!


I wondered why that racoon won’t get out of my pool.


What are the odds that this is all based on one of the unreliable field test kits that are notorious for false positives?

On the positive side, maybe this will bring some attention to this problem after the local police have to admit that their test kit was wrong.


I’ve lived in Colorado 24 years and this is the first time I’ve heard of Hugo.


Given that everybody in Colorado is smoking week 24/7, it seems highly likely that the test kit was simply contaminated by the stoned person who used it.

All puns aside, that’s at least plausible.


Bongwater, CO isn’t showing up on Google Maps.


I keep telling you, PUT THE WATER DOWN!


It’s in that part of CO that might as well be Kansas.


Or maybe some marijuana hating semi-super villain made a lame duck attempt at demonstrating to the populace there that weed is bad?

The tin foil hat never comes off.


Weirdly that’s also way more probable than it should be.

It surely wasn’t somebody who LIKED weed. Who’d waste all that goodness?


More than you’ll ever want to know about Hugo.


It’s not just minimally soluble, it’s hydrophobic. Those THC drinks you may have seen are interesting in that the THC is bonded to the sugar. If it is in the water, and I doubt it, that’s your likely source and it’s probably mostly THCA - which isn’t psychoactive.


I bet this is part of a sneaky public health initiative to trick kids into drinking their eight glasses a day.


It’s a vicious circle: Eat Doritos, want water. Drink water, want Doritos.