Colorado's investment in IUDs and other fire-and-forget birthcontrol produced a "miracle"


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TLDR version, American state tries giving up slut-shaming and experiments with limited socialised medicine, discovers that it actually works.


In other news - despite living right next door, Colorado’s influence fails to rub off on Kansas, who denies its own baby breastmilk because it’s a lazy, good-for-nothing leech on the state welfare system.


The tax savings are nice. The changes in women’s lives by not having kids before they’re wanting to is more important- and likely more financially effective as well.


This is your state:

This is your state on drugs.


So if you love all the babies and want to prevent more abortions, you should be volunteering to hand out birth control instead of protesting outside a clinic with hateful signs and self-righteous condemnation… Who would have thought…?

And it even saves your precious NIMBY tax dollars.


What does ‘fire and forget’ in the headline mean? I’ve heard of ‘file and forget’, but not ‘fire and forget’. Is this a typo or a new cliché I just haven’t made the acquaintance of?


No! We can’t do that cause then it allows women choices! And they can’t think without a man!!

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Meanwhile, 23 years ago…


STLDRE* version: common sense, it works.

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I do hope that we can look forward to a future when a child is conceived only if both partners desire it.


“Fire and Forget” is a phrase used to describe missiles that once fired, would keep a lock on their target without the operator needing to direct it.

So in this instance, the birth control is “Fired” - inserted or implanted once and just keeps on working with out the user having to remember to do anything everyday.


Not particularly new; quite possibly even the ancestor of this ‘file and forget’.

Originally referred to missiles with guidance systems that did not require further support(laser illumination, manual command guidance, that sort of thing) from the user after launch; now rather broadly applied to anything that can be activated and then left to its own devices; without needing babysitting(literally, in this case, more commonly figuratively).




Originally a military term for a missile that guides itself to the target. Then appropriated by IT to describe software systems that don’t need constant supervision/maintenance. I guess it’s spreading now to refer to anything that can be set up and then forgotten about, in contrast to things that you have to remember to do regularly.

In this context, fire and forget birth control = BC other than pills/diaphragms/caps/condoms. Methods that don’t require you to remember anything and don’t require cooperation from your partner.

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This is far too sensible and reasonable. Clearly it must be stopped.


I don’t really care what one’s personal morality is. If you want to reduce abortions (which most people would agree is a good thing) this is the way to do it. You want to reduce the poor and/or uneducated from creating situations that greatly increases the chance they stay poor and uneducated, this is the way.

The fool proof-ness of it and open availability is the key.

I remember looking into this in the past, and while hopefully I still have many years to worry about this, but I think an IUD is what I would recommend what she gets. Even if I went behind her moms back.

Yep. Like the Sidewinder, which tracks heat signatures of the jet engine.


So… the Republicans must be strongly against this.

Yeah, but those people are uniformly against birth control - or at the very least, the state paying for it. Because for most of them, it’s not actually about abortion at all - it’s clearly about punishing women, of course.

Sadly, for some people this isn’t a compelling argument - although for a good portion of those people, they’re actually willing to screw themselves over financially if it means they aren’t “paying for sluts to have sex” (as they think of contraception).


Unfortunately, historically the only thing we exported to Kansas was tornadoes. Now of course, tornadoes, and weed.


BB reported on this in July 2015. Glad to see continued success