What happened when Colorado offered free birth control? Teen birthrate and abortions plummeted


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I’ve been saying that for years. I’d even suggest making it part of the welfare system. Not mandatory, per se, but strongly encouraged.


The GOP Christ’apo does not approve of this message!


It’s almost as if the people who are against choice, free birth control, and welfare want there to be more poor people in the country… Weird, huh?




Inb4 a bunch of hit and runs dive into the thread screaming about how they’ve confused IUDs and implants with abortions, forced sterilization, or both.


Very strange indeed


“Colorado’s Effort Against Teenage Pregnancies Is a Startling Success”

How could this be remotely startling? In other news:

  • Oven Mitts Shockingly Prevent Burns
  • Umbrella Program Astonishingly Keeping People Dry
  • Swim Lessons Surprisingly Prevents Drowning


But if we take away the primary life-altering downside, how will they ever learn that sex is wrong and bad?


Problem is the “right to lifers” consider IUD’s an abortifacient, since it prevents implantation of a fertilized embryo. Because, you know, every life is sacred, except those already born who shouldn’t have subsidized healthcare.



That almost never happens. Usually only right after the IUD is put in after recently having non-barrier protected sex. Once the IUD is in, it not only prevents implantation, but also ovulation altogether. Don’t wanna have a fertilized egg rejected? Stay abstinent a few weeks before getting the IUD put in and a week or so after having it put in.


Sounds great, but please link to a reputable source to corroborate this. Wiki does not.


What I’ve never quite understood is how the people who get so worked up about preventing embryo implantation manage to avoid thinking about the (pretty substantial, if memory serves) percentage of ‘conceptions’ that flunk out and self terminate at very early stages, without any intervention or even awareness.

If it’s just a clump of cells to you, the odds aren’t a huge issue; too likely to even pretend it’s a substitute for contraception; but not substantially hindering conception in the absence of other issues. If it’s already a Real Authentic Person And Whatnot at that stage, though, the situation is what, 1-3 very early term deaths per live birth(assuming absence of other complications and reasonable maternal healthcare). That’s quite a stack of very tiny corpses.


As Mallory Archer once said to Sterling: “If I wanted a grandchild, I’d scoop all your little mistakes up into a garbage bag and knit it a onesie”


“Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so.” - Bertrand Russell


It’s OK when it’s God’s will.


I think you’re operating on the assumption that people who oppose birth control are thinking about it logically rather than attempting to apply a simplistic attitude of “if you didn’t want to go to Minneapolis you shouldn’t have gotten on the train”.

The idea that sex is only supposed to be for procreation is a pervasive one.


I’ll correct it. The IUDs don’t prevent ovulation, but they do prevent fertilization through multiple mechanisms. One is the fact that they cause an inflammation reaction that makes the female reproductive tract really good at killing sperm. It keeps the time that the egg is in the fallopian tubes and uterus very short as it changes the menstruation cycle, and additionally the progesterone IUDs cause the cervix’s muscles to thicken so little to no dude-gunk gets into the uterus at all.


Well, these types need to be marginalized as much as possible.
You don’t get to have it both ways - you can’t say you want less people on welfare and less abortions AND you’re against birth control.
This is just a person that bleeds stupid out their ears.
And when they say “I don’t want to pay for it! Pay for your own birth control” - then they just have stupid bleeding out every orifice.