Colorized 1865 photo of Abraham Lincoln assassination conspirator Lewis Powell


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He’s long been one of the most popular dudes on My Daguerrotype Boyfriend.


Some gruesome extra color:

On April 22 [~5 days after this photo was taken, on the USS Saugus], Powell repeatedly banged his head into the iron walls of his cell aboard the Saugus. Whether this was a suicide attempt (as his jailers believed) or not, it deeply alarmed military officials. A canvas padded hood, with only a slit for the mouth and nostrils, was fashioned. Powell and all the other prisoners aboard the monitors were forced to wear them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to prevent any further suicide attempts. Only Mary Surratt and Dr. Mudd were not required to wear the hoods. Powell cried when the hood was placed on him. The hoods were hot, claustrophobic, and uncomfortable, and in the humid confines of the monitors in the steaming Washington summer the prisoners suffered immensely. On June 6, Hartranft ordered them removed—except for Powell’s.


Well duh. . . he’s dreamy!

Is that Ralph Lauren he’s wearing?


Man, treasonous murderers in the 19th century sure spent a lot of time on their hair.

I guess the more things change, etc…


Hunh! Lipstick on men was a thing in the 1860s. Who knew?


Time traveler!


I was about to say: Lewis Powell fan tumbler in 3… 2…


Looks like the star of a time travel show premiering on the CW.


More like we spend a lot of time using product to replicate what 19th-century dudes got just by not washing their hair much and having it cut by the same guy who pulled their teeth.


Heh, was just thinking this could be a good game of “J Crew Model or 1800s convict”. He does have that vacant model stare down pat.


Looks kinda like Karl Urban.

Yes, there were attractive people in the old days.


seriously, that could be an instagrammed photo taken yesterday.


Without the handcuffs this could easily be mistaken for an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.

Check that.

Even WITH the handcuffs this could easily be mistaken for an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.



Why are the hot ones always crazy?


But his shirt is still on!




Lewis Powell, 20 years later: “I was in a bad place. I just want to look forward now.”


Oh! Lets see one of Lincoln!