Comedian Jeff Wysaski pranks pet store with hilarious fake signs

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“Provide goat’s blood and ancient Creole spell books”. I’d buy that for a dollar…well, not the bird b/c I will NEVER have a bird in my house, but yeah.

In the same vein, how difficult is it to craft a barcode that will crash the lookup device? Not that I’d ever do that, mind, but I can say, for a fact, that coloring in the entire signature block on WalMart’s POS terminals will crash them (or it did the last time I tried it). Recommendation: do it when shopping alone, and mostdef NOT when your significant other is present.


Asking for a friend. :smiling_imp:

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Wouldn’t it be epic for the cashier scan some bananas (just look at them) and have “Devil’s Vibrator” or whatever come up on the display? I spent plenty of my youth working in grocery stores, so it was always a fun thought experiment that helped keep the muzak at bay.


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