Comey was so creeped out by Trump, he tried to hide in curtains to avoid Donald's weird hug



Remember that time when ex-president Bill Clinton bumped into Loretta Lynch at an airport?
Remember all the Republican furor about that?


Trump: “He’s become more famous than me.”

Ugh, yuck


Seems like a variation of Trump’s favorite power-move, where he pulls in whoever he’s shaking hands with to display his dominance.

Yeah, unless it can be part of a dominance-display, then he’ll go for it.


Hmm…looks like a good time to deploy the good ol’ stinkpalm…


If by weird you mean disgusting, then I completely agree.


That right there is a true friend.


Comey was so creeped out by Trump, he tried to hide in curtains to avoid Donald’s weird hug

It’s not Donald’s hug that’s notorious, is it? It’s that bizarre grab-and-PULL handshake Donald is infamous for. He doesn’t extend his hand. He holds it close to the body and makes you come to him. Then, like a wolf spider, he pulls you off-balance and in.

The only way to counter it seems to be to stand off at a certain distance, place your center of gravity away from him, and don’t get too near. Force him to extend his hand (he will try to keep it near his body-- don’t fall for this trap). Once he does make sure you have your center of gravity on the foot farthest away from the Trump. You may now be able to survive (and counteract) his sudden, pull-in attempt. The result will (appear to) be a normal, adult handshake. Albeit, Trump will undoubtedly have a queer look of frustration on his face; something has gone wrong, but he can’t figure out just what. With this achievement, you will have just earned your mastery belt in trump-jitsu.

Because Trump’s every motivation is towards constantly “having attention.” For Comey to himself garner attention, for whatever reason [at that time, it was a notoriety surrounding his testimony regarding his public declarations regarding Hillary’s emails] sets up a rivalry in Trump’s mind.

That really would be brilliant casting for the inevitable movie. (Unfortunately, we need a time machine to have access to the 1970’s version of Mr. Scott.) Although, really, Scott would give just too much character and depth and likeability to the puerile narcissism and blithe, bottomless ignorance of the actual Trump. He’d really have to add limitations to his characterization, something I’m not sure he’s capable of. But I guess that’s your point: he’d be a much “better” Trump.


Trump: “He’s become more famous than me” “… destroyer of worlds”


I was thinking Stephen Fry, if he can do the accent.



What if you just walked in real close and prematurely burst his bubble?

…and then mouth breathe on him.

What if?


The good news is that the FBI doesn’t have access to portable cloaking technology, or James Comey would totally have used that.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Steve Coogan played Alan Partridge and apart from less succes in life he had a identical personality to Trump.


Nah, just let him pull you in and fall right on top of him.


Justin Trudeau appeared to use an alternate method that was very clever. He reached his other hand out and and held onto the upper part of Trump’s handshaking arm. This braced Trudeau and gave him a very easy way to push back against any attempt by Trump to pull in.

It’s a shame grown adults have to create a strategy against such childishness, but so it is.


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