This is how 45 shakes hands

Just look at it. Wait till the end.

The best is that whoever posted this did so after seeing the reaction at the end and either cared or didn’t care. Or didn’t notice. Any of these are fine. We live in strange times.



What am I missing here? What reaction at the end?

Seems to me like they’re just shaking hands for a long time for the sake of the cameras…

Japanese eye roll and “yipes” motion of some sort.


Yeah, I guess he does look exasperated at having held hands for that much time with the veritable incarnation of evil.

I was expecting something more like this:


Stupid autoplay.
Also yeah that is just eww… goes on too long and the hand patting. I think I would want to go shower after that.

@codinghorror can you or one of your minions figure out what is causing this?

If you want to change it so it doesn’t embed, simply put a space in front of it. cc @lamaranagram


I was thinking earlier today, that every man I’ve seen him do this with tries to anchor themselves to not get pulled forward. I assume he hugs and kisses women whenever he can get away with it, but for someone like Merkel, whom he wouldn’t find attractive, would he also shake hands, and like this? Because here’s my thought: someone who is OK with the momentary “embarrassment” (which means probably not a lot of male leaders of countries) and potential scrapes and bruises should anticipate and make themselves as light as possible on their feet so that when he does this, they go flying. Don’t fight it: show what he’s actually doing to people. I’d be willing to do it, but the likelihood of him ever meeting me, let alone in front of cameras, doesn’t seem very high.


Someone has been watching how Trump shakes hands.


Linky borked. Your “This” got in the way of that.

And @milliefink, it’s not just the length of the grasp (chuckle), it’s that shitty power-play move where he pulls the other person closer with a quick jerking motion towards himself. He did it outside the WH when Abe first walked up and it was creepy then, too. trump is…he’s just gross. A sad (not-so) little man filled with irrational fear.



I’m hoping someone positions their other hand into a fist that gut checks him when he does that stupid power play shit.


I have to say that I think Trudeau beat him at his own game. Put his hand on trump’s shoulder to brace against the Dipshit-Pull, and looked clearly to me as though he was plenty strong enough to control trump’s yanking and moving around.

It was also windy that day in DC…


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