Trump's Handshake, Analyzed


The good bit starts at 0:40. I wonder what’s going on here; is this an Aikido move to destabalize his adversaries? Is he making up for a weak hand with an unexpected bicep move? Does it show that he’s a “taker” not a “giver” or is it the opposite, he’s trying to bring them in for a groin-tingling hug like he did with Abe?


PMJT countered the move by going in close, almost hugging range!


It’s terrifying to think how easily this could have escalated into a thumb war.


What kind of Briggs-Meyers classification is that?


Primary Ministerial Justice Thoughtful?


BM (MB?) has no non-diplomatic classification for Trump.


In my official ruling, this is a draw, but it’s a stunning, impressive result for Trudeau nonetheless. Just as in European championship soccer, getting a draw on the road is almost like winning, and for Trudeau to perform so admirably on enemy turf is a triumph for all of Canada.

Unfortunately, this probably means Ottawa is getting nuked.

Welp, if you don’t hear from me, you know what happened.


That was excellent and enjoyable. And they were right–trump tried that power move bullshit, and JT wasn’t having it. Smiles all around and oh won’t you look at this beautiful expanse…trump is such an asshole. Without volume and from a distance, it’s still not hard to tell.


You know they’ll Canadian Bacon this. You’re safe.
Toronto on the other hand… oh man we are so dead.



I miss you already. :confused:


The long awaited handshake - photo opp silent, a little tense, not a word


He wisely preempted the shoulder yank;


That was sheer poetry, wasn’t it?


Here’s another analysis of Trump and PM Abe’s handshake.

(I don’t recall how I first came across the site. I’ve learned a lot from it. The site does unfortunately need a proofreader, I fear—so, if you’re hyper-sensitive to typos and such, then read at your own risk :slight_smile: )




Trump saw Trudeau’s impending Vulcan neck pinch and backed off the pull-in.


John Oliver did a short segment showing Trump shaking hands last night…it’s as though he picked up some bullshit powerplay tip in the eighties and has run with it ever since, obvious transparency be damned.


I wonder about that power handshake and what it might say about how ‘things have been handled’ in the Trump clan.


I’m thinking we need to start working on a way to distract our northern neighbors so we can switch leaders before they notice.

Look, moose and squirrel! :point_right:

I’m reasonably certain Trump thinks he’s in an eighties era Oliver Stone movie.