Trump's Handshake, Analyzed


And the ladies love him! :wink:


Boys do too…


Posted in the resistance thread, but makes me giggle every time, so repost it is…


There is one, only one way to shake hands. Please bear with me.

  • Clasp your hand with your friend
  • Slyly slip your middle finger into the handshake
  • Lastly, and this must be quick, execute a maneuver so the other person is holding up your leg.

Add jack Benny music, and that’s a wrap.


Trudeau could likely take Putin in bare-chested boxing, but he’s smart enough not to go for the win against Trump.


I’d like to see someone try a handshake induction with Trump. On the other hand, could anyone tell the difference between normal Trump and trance Trump?


Caption time!

“Qu’est-ce minuscule mains!”


The gentle phrase, "bring it on in, bring it on in’ makes it especially horrible.



I think that’s what Putin did when they first met…


If I ever have to shake his hand I’ll lube up a little first.

And jeez, looked like Christie was gettin down with it.


I’m just waiting for Trumpy to try it on someone with aikido or judo training.

Trump vs Judo: Round 1- The Handshake

It’s going to be funny when he pulls queenie over.


Needs some Force Lightning and a maniacal laugh.


She’s more cyborg than human these days. He’ll try to pull her off balance but then the servo stabilisers in replacement hip #42 and the auto lock in artificial knee #17 will kick in, and Trump will end up on his arse.


That would improve national support for the royal family dramatically. There would be applause.


Touching the Queen at all is a major breach of protocol, sufficient to create a histrionic scandal in the UK press whenever it happens.

I doubt that they’d be wiling to take the risk of allowing Trump into contact range.


And both sides’ security have concealed guns.
Odds on him going in for the handgrab anyway?